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  1. HK-1

    Left Field Jeans

    The 10oz Japanese Greasers are quite light weight, very smooth, slick fabric. I'd say not for the Nordic winter. Otherwise very nice, though
  2. HK-1

    Left Field Jeans

    Just bought the flax/cotton work shirt. The care label says "dry clean only" - can anyone comment why so? Is there considerable shrinkage, or some other reason this fabric should not be washed?
  3. HK-1

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    What is the approximate turnaround time for repairs ar SENY?
  4. Longshot but I'll try anyway... Looking for Mister Freedom Midnight P-Jacket (peacoat) in size 36 or 38, let me make you an attractive offer!
  5. I decided to order something from Japan for the first time, needed a proxy service and discovered SutoCorp from this thread. I can attest that the service was excellent! I was contacted very promptly upon my initial inquiry, kept updated throughout the process, and the delivery time was amazing! My order was shipped from Japan Saturday afternoon (local time) and arrived at my office in Northern Europe Tuesday morning (local time) (shipped via EMS). When I order from the UK, it usually takes ca 7 days (DHL). I also found the proxy fee of 8% to be reasonable, I understand that further discounts are available to frequent users. I can definitley recommend this service! DÅmo arigatÅ