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  1. Eternal Jeans

    I think I've had these jeans repaired atleast 10 times now and haven't been really wearing them daily due to the amount of repairs there had to be done. I ripped through the jeans around 5 months in(,the picture can be found a few pages back) , then a month later a crotch blow out, ripped pockets, stitching letting loose. Might be because of the way I use these jeans, but still. I agree it's a big claim for a renowned brand like Eternal but compared to my Atelier la Durance or Evisu these jeans did not live up.
  2. Eternal Jeans

    My almost 2 year old 883s. No clue on how many washes these had and for how long theyve been worn. Builtqualitywise these jeans are definitely one of the shittier jeans Ive owner, but hey, they fade really cool
  3. Eternal Jeans

    I still owe you guys a fitpic of my Eternal, but they're are in repair once again. Backpockets are coming loose and the front pockets are completely destroyed. Has anyone before ever had problems with Eternal's poor construction?
  4. Eternal Jeans

    Depends on the temp you wash them on. But in the first few weeks of wear they also stretch a considerable amount
  5. Eternal Jeans

    Yeah, bicycle is my main mode of transportation. Already sent an email to Denimio, but they said it was due to the way I wear them. I hope tot get them repaired again next week and then I'll post a fitpic.
  6. Eternal Jeans

    I brought them to mr Handy last month and got them back a few days ago. Unfortunately they ripped again after two days, but this time on the left side of my crotch. Guess I'll havo to get them repaired again.
  7. Eternal Jeans

    Not extremely slim fitting and I sized them tts.
  8. Eternal Jeans

    My 883 ripped open after 5 months of wear yesterday. So I was wondering, is this normal for eternals or was it just bad luck?
  9. Old Blue Co '44 WWII Repro

  10. For sale Yuketen Maine Guide 7 Hole US11 in great condition. Comes with dustbag and different set of laces (not on the pictures). If interested send me a e-mail. Will be in the Netherlands untill the end of october (2014) so don't sleep. S/O 150EUR. Ps. No tagged pictures, but can provide them ofcourse.
  11. Denimasa Jeans

    Also ordered a pair of the new Masa in the slim tapered cut. Although a bit too skinny at first, they've loosened up nicely after a day of wear. Fitpics will follow
  12. Old Blue Co '44 WWII Repro

    Up for grabs a pair of denim of the Indonesian brand Old Blue Co. These jeans are brand new and have never been worn. All info about the denim can be found at: http://oldblueco.net/index.php?act=detail&id=125 The price is set at 75,- Euros excluding shipping. The jeans are located in the Netherlands. Feel free to message me for more info.
  13. Sage

    Extremely tough fabric, but they're looking better with every week of wear. I also like the blue color of it
  14. Sage

    Small update on my sage wardens. About 14 months now with 3 washes and 3 soaks.