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  1. lets talk cons...chucks, jacks anything...

    just picked up the grey... might have to get the black too, very nice.
  2. Good Finds (eBay/yahoo/etc.)

    i'm usually an xs/0 and no way i'm fitting under ~40cm shoulder. speaking of xs, ann d drawstring trousers w/ 7 hours left for a good price http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k181406396
  3. A D I D A S

    ^^ i was gonna pick a pair up right after you posted the link.. just assumed they would still be there in a few days. jokes on me.
  4. Good Finds (eBay/yahoo/etc.)

  5. favorite albums of 2014

    you really liked vengeance bourbon? title is fitting (sounds like something to play after you killed your wife for cheating on u). might need to give it a few more listens.
  6. favorite albums of 2014

    d'angelo - black messiah lana del rey - ultraviolence ichiko aoba - 0% swans - to be kind dva - nipomo anne guthrie - codiaeum variegatum grouper - ruins
  7. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    someone made a christmas album out of yeezus and wtf

    probably fits better in the punk thread... should just combine them
  9. posted on the last page. not sure how i feel about these tho, not really feeling the sole but i can see why people like it. good price too.
  10. got my pair today, more comfortable and lightweight than i thought they would be. definitely going in my rotation.
  11. Shopping for Vinyls

    three recent 12" pick ups, i have anne guthrie's entire discography now woo
  12. punk thread

    houston on the come up as well https://thepose.bandcamp.com/releases the pose's new demo also been getting into some uk82 recently
  13. Shopping for Vinyls

    how are you liking it, downloaded that a while back and still haven't gotten to it! i'll post some records i recently picked up soon
  14. NBA Basketball

    i heard that but i thought i was buggin looool fuck. we won the game but still... shout out to all the knicks fans, one day we will reach the promise land.
  15. Recent Purchases 2014

    i think it's an ebay storefront but i never bookmarked them. bless us, sir