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  1. Photography Post Vol. 2

    OMG insuo great shots! --- *for the lulz
  2. WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    uniqlo // acne // apc
  3. Iron Heart Jeans

    Found these for $60 @ nearby thrift store.. I came home and surprised my dad with these as a gift. He smiled and said thank you
  4. Pure Blue Japan

    xx-011 // 8.5 months - 3 soaks, 4 washes
  5. Photography Post Vol. 2

    long time no post, brahs. how's everyone doing here? edit: bonus
  6. Photography Post Vol. 2

    spent the new year with my family and relatives in the philippines. twas fun
  7. Photography Post Vol. 2

    I was out in downtown los angeles (around 3am) with friends We took this quick shot of me with my friend's iphone 5 and got stopped by a cop shortly after. lol. =(
  8. Photography Post Vol. 2

    i got a few for today. a ton of insane shots in this page, guys! ^ ^ ^ (for those who know these guys, i got to see the 1975 perform, last friday!)
  9. Photography Post Vol. 2

    It's been a minute. How's everyone doing in here? =)
  10. Photography Post Vol. 2

    I got to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (j-pop artist) yesterday! =)
  11. Photography Post Vol. 2

    6/52 shot using my iphone 4