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  1. Good thing I'm under 53!

    Nobody is too young or too old to wear jeans.
  2. Looks nice and warm Bali. Do they have custom jeans shops in Bali ?
  3. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Problem with high rise is when the tummy starts to grow it's difficult to button and it's hurt when sitting too long when driving.
  4. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Good purchase Flash.
  5. Denim Wish List

    No more wishlist for me atm..
  6. Denim Wish List

    got my wish .
  7. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Hi Unders great looking pair. We need a cool looking bike now.
  8. Denim Wish List

    Wishlist ( again) Cheese 32oz ( mto )
  9. Denim Wish List

    Best is write an e-mail to Masuya what is your concern. He can reply in English. He advise me to take waist Tag 33. There are 2 different inseam length. The waist just fit me not too snug and not too loose. It has not touch water yet.
  10. WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

    Westride WR201 ( waist Tag 33 ) ( will get it hem , later )
  11. Denim Wish List

    Got my the wishlist jeans Westride WR201. Fit pics at WAYWT2015 .
  12. Unknown Japanese Brands

    Westride WR201 is my wishlist jeans. Thank you Hoggreaser for sharing the sites. Just e-mail to Masuya and hope for the reply.
  13. What are your jeans doing today?

    N&F , Eight-G and IH out in the sun. ">
  14. inazuma festival general thread

    Also like to know when and where for coming end of 2014. Any news ?
  15. Samurai Jeans

    Just wild a guess, other brands might follow using OG denim too. Or I could be wrong.