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  1. tonyreyes

    top 5 albums you are listening to right now

    That new Daft Punk kinda sucked imo. So I'm back to the good shit. Daft Punk - Homework Crydamoure - Waves Crydamoure - Waves II Thomas Bangalter - Trax on Da Rocks DJ Falcon - Hello my Name is DJ Falcon
  2. tonyreyes

    Top Five Companies You Would Like to Work at

    ESPN Sony American Apparel Spin NBA
  3. tonyreyes

    NBA Basketball

    Heat still got this.
  4. tonyreyes

    Top 5 favorite DBZ characters

    1. Vegeta 2. Frieza 3. Goku 4. Cell 5. Kid Gohan
  5. tonyreyes

    Anyone have a hypebeast account?

    The new layout sucks, it's SF or bust now.
  6. tonyreyes

    state your beer, drinkers

    I'm keeping it Milwaukee right now. A highlife before I hit the hay.
  7. tonyreyes

    Anime / Manga

    I've been rewatching old DBZ episodes lately, I'm right at the start of the Cell saga.
  8. tonyreyes

    NBA Basketball

    At least the Heat signed their big 3, if the Knicks or Lakers get there's it'll be through petty trade demands which was a big reason on why we had a fucking lockout
  9. tonyreyes

    NBA Basketball

    Can't wait till Xmas. I have Miami, Chicago, NY, GS, & Orlando winning.
  10. tonyreyes


    Trippy sticks, who has one?
  11. tonyreyes

    Your top 5 American cities

    New York Miami Chicago San Francisco Milwaukee
  12. tonyreyes


    No order, but my 10. - You Know What it Is Vol 3 - LeBron Flocka James - Dipset Vol 5 - The Champ is Here - EA Sportscenter - Lil Weezyana - Dedication 2 - A Kid Named Cudi - Rubbaband Business - So Far Gone