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  1. japan :: tokyo :: general

    unoslope house http://unoslopehouse.com/
  2. australia :: melbourne :: shopping

    ^will probs head along, monday at work will be fun^
  3. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    shilin night markets is cool but shida is where it is at
  4. 3 Months to Live Anywhere in Europe

  5. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Yeh but will be working for my Australian company and working remotely so not too bad. Yeh am thinking daan or guting. Do you live here? Pretty keen to check out some of the local parties, bass kitchen taipei parties seem pretty fun.
  6. taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    moving here in april if anyone down to hang.. also where is a cool spot to live? was think somewhere near Daan.
  7. mt rainer design 60/40 xl camo

  8. great buy from union san fran last season, which this size US L sold out quicky. been worn around 20 times and still in great condition. i do not have sizing details but I am 190cm/80 kgs and fits very nice. Paid $600 USD asking for $300 USD plus shipping from Japan
  9. are free run 2's being re-released in all black? thought i read that somewhere
  10. japan :: osaka :: general

    ended up at cafe destine which was a cool small 3 story middle eastern bar in umeda.
  11. japan :: osaka :: general

    ^sounds good tbh
  12. Recent Purchases. . . 2012

    where did you cop the raf from matey?
  13. japan :: osaka :: general

    maybe to late but i comfortably saw everything in one day shinkansen to okiyima then local to uno. i was on the island by 10
  14. japan :: osaka :: general

    ok i saw you listed sam and daves and pure anything of the other places you listed not full of gaijin's losers trying to get laid looking to go to a chilled place where can have a good conversation, if they play techno it will be cool also.
  15. japan :: osaka :: general

    bento anything on matey what places are open all night?