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  1. anyone interested in a indigo tezomeya size 185?  I sent them an e-mail 2 days before the shirt was to ship and they didnt get it in time grrrr.  I dont want to waist money shipping a god damn shirt back to Japan so if anyone wants it, I will pay shipping in the USA.  Otherwise I will be forced to wait in line at the Post Office like a bitch haha!!

    How much?

  2. ^thank you! the leather looks great. You'd be surprised how much stretch you can get out of it if you need- try greasing it a bit then giving it a stretch. The nuclear option (which I've done, and it worked well) is to soak the belt in cool water for a couple of hours, then stretch it out- depending on the starting size you could get up to an inch this way. Let it dry out slowly at room temperature (too warm and it will crack) then give it a lot of grease to replace what was lost in the water. I reckon one of these ways you'll at least get it comfy on the end hole, and maybe bring it in one hole. You'll probably darken the leather quite a bit, but personally that's a plus. If you give it a try let us know how you get on!


    The one hole is jut a tiny bit snug so I'll give it a go with the grease! Then we'll see the water test. Thanks for the tips, I'll be posting my woad 130s soon, maybe after a wash. Excited to start wearing my canvas barge coat soon, once the Canadian winter goes away!

  3. also, this time around, straps are available separately. The straps has a few improvements on the original, now they're cut from oak bark-tanned leather rather than wattle-tanned (not an improvement exactly, but still nice), and the hardware is a bit chunkier, solid brass, sand-cast in England. The reverse is silver foil-stamped:

    So happy the straps are available separately! I ordered one somewhere else and the leather was so thin it broke after one day.

  4. I use a juki lu-563. Most walking foot industrial machines handle leather with ease. I would recommend joining leatherworker.net, they have a whole forum devoted to sewing machines. Most people here don't use machines...

    thanks. will check it out.

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