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  1. some women want their jeans to be skintight and i dont know how tight she wants her jeans to look like. i've seen some tighter fits than hers and they look alright after several wears. since apc will stretch out quite amount, judging from her fit i think she can still size down 1 though i already dig her current fit as i said before


    sorry i missed her edited post... thought she hadnt sized down.

  2. ^max 2 sizes if only you can handle the torture for 2-3 weeks (maybe) otherwise 1.

    i dig your current fit but i think you can still size down to 27.

    edit: i didnt read your edited post...

    dont size down again... sizing down 2 is alright.

  3. black lambskin looks interesting and i really enjoy tender thread lately, thanks for sharing the pictures!

    i have tender hand dyed woad henley, fabric (loopwheeled interlock jersey) is so delicate and love it! (will post fit pic when i have time....)


  4. ^your fit is bangin' redninja! please post some moarr....

    girl: yes PS is the slimmest APC cut and you can still size down, jeans will stretch out quite amount.

    and i just want to give you the idea of how PS is compared to other APC cuts. (i know this pictures were already posted before, hope y'all dont mind).



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