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  1. ^flip one page back.... you'll find some info there...

    my girl has them. they're nice. denim is lighter. maybe 12oz. they run small. i really don't know much about girl sizing but she is pretty small and had to get the size 31. altho she does have butt. i think most Japanese denim companies design jeans for stick figures.

    i have SDL703 and i totally agree with tvshooter. jeans run small, top block and thigh area are so tight. i usually wear size 27 in most women's jeans but SDL703 is different case, i went TTS and i couldnt fit in. tried to stretch them (esp thigh and top block area), it took me a month to squeeze my butt and finally get all buttons done, i should have sized up to 29.

    take a note that SDL703 are low rise jeans, so the waist size is measured on your hips. please size up 2 for best comfortable fit or size up 1 if you have slender thighs :)

    i have them too. yup, they're nice jeans. already wear them about 5months. same like kayodic, when the first time i can't button up all the button. but now they stretch at their waist and thigh but not a lot because they still tight. and i agree with kayodic about the sizing

    SDL703 is 14oz, but seem lighter coz they're so soft..

    i went TTS and they stretched out alot in the waist, but not so for the thighs.

  2. nice fades theganjalife.

    Anyway, anybody knows whether should I get a size 31 or 32 for 0705sp? I wear a samurai 710 size 30 tts and IH 634s size 29, downsized one. I tried size 30 and it's definitely a snug fit, cant button up top 2 buttons.

    What i'm worrying is the thigh area. I'm not sure about size 31, but if I get size 32, I may have a diaper ass look jeans.

    Is the 0805sp same cut as IH634s? Anyone enlighten me? Thanks!

    i already replied your pm leo...

    yes 0805sp and ih634s are pretty much similar. you should check Nordic denim house measurement (especially the thigh), if you wear 710 size 30, you will be fine with 0705 size 31....

  3. Steven, my viper size is actually in between 26-27. i can pull off size 26 in brown viper, top block and thigh are tight but it's ok, i can stretch em out for sure.

    Viper 002 (brown keihara)


    i assume that sizing is also the same for Donna? and since the fabric is American Cone stretch denim, so it will be fine for women to go with smaller size if they're in between 2 sizes right?

  4. Hey all, should I hot soak the N&F x Momo 2s I just bought? I know they are sanforized but was wondering if a hot soak would help them fit a little better.

    no hot soak needed.... and what do you mean by "fit a little better"? are they too loose? got the wrong size?

    they would shrink about an inch in waist after first wash/soak and stretch back again.

  5. ^^can you stop spamming the forum(s)? and we've heard enough of your laryngitis story!

    ^That you NEVER post any pic except one time. How can we judge if we like your dressing style? Do you think we google every piece of clothing you name and put it together in our minds?

    And you were told that so many times (including at least three descriptions how to upload) that noone here can believe, that your intention here is anything but spamming. Sorry for being harsh, but there are some forum rules that you keep and keep on disregarding.

    IQ - and i thought you've learned from your mistakes! (include double-facepalm here)

    Didn't we tell you over at the IH-forum as well?

    No one likes to fucking read the shit you're wearing WE WANNA SEE PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS!!!!!!!

    Either you post PICS OR NOTHING!

    And no, i'm not excusing myself now!

    of course this version


  6. ^indeed mike.... he didnt explain specifically what kind of leather he used for wallet and belt but at least he said something about his inspiration and he showed his lifestyle which is reflected on his design/concept maybe... i like the vid tho' ;)

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