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  1. how about women dressing like men and wearing 27's? :ph34r:

    for those people messing with mother nature, psa (yes pants shop avenue) still have some old denimes size 27-28 lying around in da house...

  2. ^afaik steven from railcar will do bigger size by request. based on my experience size 31 viper can fit women who wear mens jeans in size 32-33.

    jyoni; would love to see your wife's fit :)

    scoutoutfinch; Viper rise is in between APC PS and Naomi, think it will fit you well... if you live in cali, you can drop by some stores that carry railcar and try em on yourself.

  3. ^you wont be disappointed... i've been wearing my vipers and they're awesome :)

    aren't nudies vanity sized though?

    here's some fit pics of my tight long johns.. i don't get THAT much stacking.. but the 35 inseam for the 3sixteens are too much i'm afraid ):

    yeah, nudies are vanity size. 32"/33" inseam will give you quite amount of stackings if you're only 5'0, imo 35" inseam is way too much...

    i dont have any experience with 3sixteen but if you wear tlj in size 24, you can also wear viper in size 24.

    this is general explanation of how to size ladies jeans (think it can be applied to other brands as well)


  4. How comparable are nudies tlj to pbj 1069s? Im currently wearing my tlj in 24x32 and they fit perfectly, but I want to invest in another project soon.. I'm 5'0 at 100lbs so a 32inseam gives me just the right amount of stacking. Any recommendations?

    they are more/less the same fit. im afraid that 1069 smallest size is still too big for you, why dont you try on 3sixteen http://www.selfedge....products_id=658 fit is like the pictures above.

    or Railcar Fine Goods Viper



    and yes 32" inseam will give you some amount of stacking if you like massive ones.

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