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  1. steven railcar is very helpful, even better your girl can try both viper and donna on. please post her fit as soon as she gets em.

    and glad that you like my tumblr, thanks!

  2. ^or you can go to jeanspaleis in kerkrade nl (nearest place from bitburg i guess), they offer denim repair and hemming service, afaik they have union special as well. http://blog.drytilly...om/jeanspaleis/

    edit: Rubyblue already said it before

    Jeanspaleis offers this service for 15€. (7,5€ when a jeans is bought in store). Roger has a Union Spec. 43200 in his store. I just came from there, and saw the machine in action.

    The adress:

    St Pieterstraat, 61

    6463CS, Kerkrade

    The Netherlands

    T. 045-5454219

    [email protected]

  3. ^really? page 49...

    my girl has them. they're nice. denim is lighter. maybe 12oz. they run small. i really don't know much about girl sizing but she is pretty small and had to get the size 31. altho she does have butt. i think most Japanese denim companies design jeans for stick figures.

    i have SDL703 and i totally agree with tvshooter. jeans run small, top block and thigh area are so tight. i usually wear size 27 in most women's jeans but SDL703 is different case, i went TTS and i couldnt fit in. tried to stretch them (esp thigh and top block area), it took me a month to squeeze my butt and finally get all buttons done, i should have sized up to 29.

    take a note that SDL703 are low rise jeans, so the waist size is measured on your hips. please size up 2 for best comfortable fit or size up 1 if you have slender thighs :)

    i have them too. yup, they're nice jeans. already wear them about 5months. same like kayodic, when the first time i can't button up all the button. but now they stretch at their waist and thigh but not a lot because they still tight. and i agree with kayodic about the sizing

    SDL703 is 14oz, but seem lighter coz they're so soft..

    i went TTS and they stretched out alot in the waist, but not so for the thighs.

    tried to sneak a few pic's today while chillin round the house. she's got on a crappy skinny belt, which is fug, but will be gettin new belt soon. as you can see the waist is def low rise. they squeeze n flatten her butt a little but they're kinda new so they should wear in over time. she's used to her FH 3001's n PBJ's so these are a nice change to a womens jean.




    SDL-703 6 months





  4. ^if you wear em raw till 2013, you'll be fine....

    I do appreciate all your comments guys, it’s just the way I dress. Tbh this thread hasn’t been inspiring and lost many great regular posters since 5.0 so when do people learn? sometimes I dress like a jerk too and if you have problem with it, there’s always neg button to hit or meet me outside uniqlo.

  5. 0705sp are the sanforized version of 0701, shrinkage has been removed. collabs jeans use same denim as 0701 so they're unsanforized, and you can compare both fits/measurements to see the difference. what i recall, jay said the collabs jeans were tapered knee down.

    Size 29 bom001 (29" waist, 8.6" rise, 10.2" thigh, 7.4" knee, 37" inseam, 6.75" leg opening)

    size 29 0701 (30" waist, 10" rise, 10.5" thigh, 8.25" knee, 39" inseam, 7.5" leg opening)

    Size 34 bom 001 (34" waist, 9.8" rise, 12.2" thigh, 9.25" knee, 37" inseam, 8.4" leg opening) --->you'll expect some amount of shrinkage

    Size 34 0701 (35" waist, 11" rise, 12" thigh, 9.25" knee, 39" inseam, 8.5" leg opening)

    Size 34 0705sp (34" waist, 11" rise, 11.75" thigh, 9.1" knee, 35.5" inseam, 8.25" leg opening)

    if it doesnt help, shoot jay an email....

  6. eltopo wouldnt be a bandit without his guns, totally badass!

    @kayodic i can't believe you've held off so long on picking these up. i think a creme pair would look great on you. btw,i dig your tumblr

    Thanks Sunday! i have some wishlist items other than those piques but i'll def pick em up, guys at tuckshop (singapore) already reserved a pair for me.

    @kayodic: GET and we take fit pics together when u come down to visit...

    sure thing! cant wait till that day to happen ;)

  7. ^ The problem is, I have no idea what my "true" size is.

    I wear 25 in some APCs, and in others 24 is too big for me. :blink:

    I haven't bought a regular pair of women's jeans for quite a while.

    excuse me for reposting this picture

    this is general explanation of how to size ladies jeans (think it can be applied to other brands as well)


    and how to measure? http://www.railcarfi...ts.asp?Cat=1835

    you can measure your best fitting jeans (waist, rise and thigh) and after you find out your "true" measurement, you might need to check this out

    • Viper X001 fit specs. Please keep in mind that Railcar fits true to tag size. Actual measurement are larger due to the human waist is shaped like a cone. The lower the rise the bigger it gets. Tag size is based at the belly button line. Railcar Viper fit sits below the belly button.
    • Tag size 24 - Actual waistband 28, Inseam 31, Front rise 7.5, Hips 32, Thigh 19, Bottom 11
    • Tag size 25 - Actual waistband 29, Inseam 31, Front rise 7.75, Hips 33, Thigh 19.5, Bottom 11.25
    • Tag size 26 - Actual waistband 30, Inseam 31, Front rise 8, Hips 34, Thigh 20, Bottom 11.5
    • Tag size 27 - Actual waistband 31, Inseam 33, Front rise 8.25, Hips 35, Thigh 20.5, Bottom 11.75
    • Tag size 28 - Actual waistband 32, Inseam 33, Front rise 8.5, Hips 36, Thigh 21, Bottom 12
    • Tag size 29 - Actual waistband 33, Inseam 33, Front rise 8.75, Hips 36, Thigh 21.5, Bottom 12.25
    • Tag size 30 - Actual waistband 34, Inseam 33, Front rise 9, Hips 37, Thigh 22, Bottom 12.5

  8. ^they will fit your curve, topblock is pretty roomy and fit is slim tapered so you'll be fine if you go tts

    angela: more pics please... i dig your last one! (and donna fit pic too)

  9. ^if you live in amsterdam, you can drop by concrete, they carry acronym now and price is just the same as acronym site. last time i tried the woman jacket ws-jf26 on, fit is like a dream and i'll pick it up next time i drop by the store.

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