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  1. yes please, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. i don't know about this drop but i tried an XL on at beinghunted
  3. initally planned had to go with xl for this season's cargo's since i didn't want them to be too cropped but not so sure after the last couple of posts. for reference my p24a's in L are pretty much a perfect fit with a bit of spare room in the waist and was hoping to get them as close as possible to those. should i go with L or XL?
  4. 1k said L in these fit like a mix between M p17/p24. will be giving the cargo's a try. still have kind of mixed feelings about the shoes but really curious to see them in person.
  5. Anybody interested for the olive ACG wovens in L for 100 EUR? Will be returning them otherwise.
  6. i stand corrected. very interesting fabric to say the least.
  7. erlsn getting back into camo? maybe this means something like the camo 3a-1 could see an actual release??? a man can hope..
  8. the jackets are ridiculously soft, both in and out. you'll barely feel that you're wearing anything. also, not sure if it's been mentioned already but the fabric doesn't really make any noise at all.
  9. material is crazy, price will be high but not outrageous. release will be very soon.
  10. figured i'd ask here, not active anywhere else anymore. any berlin tips to fill a day? have already been here before, so been to most of the interesting stores and standard touristy things.
  11. good looking out @jward451.looks like I'll be paying concrete a visit for the first time in a long time then, it's literally around the corner from where i live. a shame they stopped carrying acr.
  12. looks like i'll be going to berlin next week. anyone else from here? also: belief dropped s/s + crimson daf1 just now.
  13. -
  14. which apparently didn't work anymore (talking individual subnet use by the way, not retail). i get what you're saying but who knows.
  15. love the concept. something like this could be a cool replacement for what subnet was meant for..