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  1. Hey all! I have been stupid busy recently. Woking 75+ hours a week in Hot and Humid New Jersey all summer. Just moved to San Fran for school on monday. Looking for a place to live, and currently stuck in a hostel. Wish I could have posted some more pictures, but just haven't worn my jeans since beginning of the summer. Did bring them to San Fran so I will wear them tomorrow and try to get a couple pics up for you all! 


    I guess I fail challenge 2 :( I was biking to and from three different jobs all summer but uniforms meant no jeans and only black pants or khaki shorts. Damn food service jobs...



  2. Interested of getting a pair of bucktites myself.

    I'm a true 33", would the 31" available in online SE shop be ok?

    I don't think so, I find that 33 waist in most companies in my perfect size. My RN04's are a 34 and just a tiny big. 33 or 32 would be good 31 is puching it :( I think we need to wait for a restock?

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