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  1. I got my PS tapered, best decision I made much better fit now. My Selvedge line is thicker but the red stitching is still there and it looks fine. Way too much fuss about selvedge anyway, who gives a shit?

    I like the way the selvedge line looks, so I taper my denim at a reputable place. Cuffed selvedge with a chainstitch looks better than a standard hem with no selvedge in my opinion.

  2. Looking at wings & horns 5 pocket black skinny jeans (http://www.ssense.co...nny_jeans/40637), should I size up? I wear 32 in gap denim-washed slim fit chino (I don't have any well fitting denim atm).

    I'm looking to order them online and they are on sale so I won't be able to return them if they don't fit =/

    In your case, I would not purchase them. If you live near self-edge/blueingreen try on a bunch of slim-fitting pairs. If not, your best bet is trying on slim-fitting denim from other places, seeing what's comfortable to you. Then, measure the jeans blueingreen style and compare the measurements to denim you're interested in. Seeing as how you're very inexperienced in sizing, I would not purchase them.

  3. My wardrobe is heavily lacking at the moment so this week I need to buy an item or two. I'm leaning towards the Ervell shirt.

    Patrik Ervell. $200ish. Does anyone know about the fit on this in comparison to the A.P.C buttondown.

    Ervell fits slim, true to size:


    You can also email the retailer to measure the shirt for you. I like patrik ervell, but that shirt looks like a blue oxford cotton buttondown with a club collar to make it casual. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you're looking for, but I always saw a blue ocbd as business-casual clothing, and wouldn't buy an ervell shirt for that.

    Those desert boots are really ugly. I'd rather save the money for something better, and just buy a pair of clarks (shoebuy has coupons, and cheap prices).

  4. Sweet I'll check it out! Not sure about weight. Heavier than apc's but not as heavy as the N&F elephant denim (I tried that on when I was in Portland...wasn't the biggest fan (at least not for summer)).

    edit: and thank you jwsach, i have spent many an hour in that thread. I am also considering PBJ, they have some cuts I really like too.

    The pbj-007 are on my list, I love the dyeing method used which produces a distinct fading. There's great wornin pairs on the evolution thread

  5. I like gant, however I don't think its too popular on sufu as the their cuts are both fuller and longer in the arms and body. I know they have their roots in traditional northeast american clothing, so the designs are pretty conservative. I dont own any gant but it seems like their shirts are meant to be tucked in. I wouldn't want anyone to see the ugly logo on the bottom of the shirt.

  6. From the knee up, how does the cut of the PS and NS differ? Or are they the same?

    This has been answered many times just go look at the thigh measurements on context.

  7. I remember my uncle used full tilt but one of the ads gave him malware when he clicked on it. I like poker but don't play online because I prefer using chips and bluffing just isn't the same.

  8. Wow vans are so expensive in australia. 100 bucks for a pair you can get for 45 in the us at the vans store. When i went to the mall i saw a bogan couple for the first time. You could see the girl's ass cheeks hanging out from her shorts. Would've taken a picture but I was with my little cousin.

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