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  1.  @goodrain This was the best I could do with the fit pics.  The pants were pretty large when I bought them, I went true to size 34 and were like a 36.  It's based on a WW2 cut, but I ended up taking the knee and leg opening in.  Actually, with them being roomier on the top block and waist actually helped me out because of covid weight







    On 7/22/2018 at 11:15 AM, iamsuperflush said:

    Hey all,

    I'm currently looking into picking up a new pair of jeans, and trying to decide between the Ironheart's 634s-ii or the 634-UHR. I owned a pair in the UHR fabric which I sold a while ago (big regrets), but I've never handled the I/I fabric. My question for those who have handled both, what is the difference in feel and weight between the two?




    I can't comment on the UHR, but the s-ii are pretty dense and heavy for the ounces.  There isn't much breath-ability, they're rigid, and took a while to break in.  Smooth and uniform in texture.

  3. IH-526L-V2

    I recently purchased this jacket and it's awesome.  I gave it a hot soak  and hope all the shrink is out.  It took some time to break in, it's really heavy duty.  I'm getting used to the extra length in the sleeves and in the body, kind of annoying though.  The hand and inner pockets are a nice touch add add more every day utility.  My previous jacket was 15 oz. Samurai S0552XX and I'm a bit surprised how much more heavy duty this is.  I look forward to see the progress of this and try to wear it as much before it gets hotter in the summer.



  4. I just purchased the IH wabash work shirt and I love it. The shirt feels very heavy duty like it could take a lot of punishment and has some small details like the red track inside the shirt. I sized up (XXL) and gave it two hot washes. It shrunk about half a size. I look forward to breaking it in and wearing this guy!





  5. On 3/12/2017 at 5:07 PM, itsbenhere said:

    I just got my 3009 back from rain at darn it... so damn expensive! But seriously, I don't think there is a better repair service out there.

    Ridiculously how long it takes to get the repairs done.  

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