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  1. bring back the thigh high ad

  2. In the country looking like the best dressed chicken in town. Blasting Dr. Alimantado!

    1. AYIYI



  3. หยุดยาว เจ็บคอ เยี่ยมยอด!

  4. NEVER STAY HERE. I recently booked a room through KAYAK at the Super 8 in Seguin Texas. The pictures looked nice, it was $120 a night, I figured it would be fine. It was the worst place I have ever been. When I entered the motel lobby to check in a wave of cat urine odor came over me. That should have been my first sign that this place is nasty and not fit for a family stay. I had just driven in from Houston and went straight to a basketball tournament with my son and wife, we here ready for...

  5. I need to cop a MILF/Cougar HELP.

  6. white women with phat booties

  7. dudes act like streetwear is any less stupid than menswear. it's awesome when suburban white/asian kids try to act like black dudes from the ghetto. half of sufu is now below the puberty line...ugh.

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