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  1. Still have an SE. I’ll probably use this until they stop updates for it as it’s the perfect size. I carry it in my back left pocket behind my bandanna/handkerchief because I’m not a big fan of phone fades.
  2. xEMBx

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I don’t think I’m meant to have a pair of roys; this is the second time I’ve had the money but something came up. First time was replacing part of my sewer line this time was bills and replacing an exhaust. One day though, one day.
  3. xEMBx

    Norman Porter

    Norman Porter NP02. Gob these around Christmas time from Grailed. They’re a size to big but they work for me. I’ve been wearing them to work for the past few months as they’re super comfortable and they’re seriously constructed like nothing I’ve had before. Top photos is how they look every Friday when they get a wash and bottom is all nice and clean. These things really take a beating. After I get some more time in on my TCB and warehouses I might get a few pair to stock up on. Bonus of my 1350 natural leather belt about 8-9 months in. Wear it everyday to work.
  4. xEMBx

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Tearing off some 130 year old terra-cotta.
  5. If you’re looking for some double knee work pants try grease point, looks like they’re on back order until September though. http://www.greasepointworkwear.com/shop/grease-point-work-jean-14-oz-tan-denimat457-en3gn-beapb
  6. I have two belts from 13fifty. They’re affordable and get the job done. I got one on scratch and dent discount for ~$30.
  7. xEMBx

    These cutz don't heal

    I still go back to my 501s as far as fit and function. I like the high rise with a slight taper, just enough to go over my boots. Also, the fly is my favorite. Idk if it’s just Levi’s wonky QC, but the extra length below the last button really does it for me. My TCB 50s have a five button fly and I get annoyed with the lowest button, like it doesn’t need to be there really. And going with the TCBs, I like the back pocket placement, a little further apart then my standard Levi’s. With back pockets my Norman Porters are my favorite. They’re big enough to hold my bill length wallet without half of it sticking out. The NPs probably have my favorite front pocket material as well. The only thing I’ve never been able to figure on cuts is getting a high enough rise with slim hips and slightly looser thighs. All that said, I can’t seem to stop wearing my warehouse 900xx even though I sized up to get at least a 10” rise and 7” hem. They’re just really nice and comfortable with the exception of the loose waist, hips and diaper butt I get.