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  1. check out vacmaster
  2. 6 minutes
  3. ^ post that in the super awkward thread
  4. sold one, and drop the other to $250 from $270
  5. those are all great what are you shooting with
  6. Selling two shirts, both size 2. Posting here before I create a listing. I'm in Australia, worldwide shipping is included. Prices in USD- $490 for both Paypal gift/add 3% $270 shipped worldwide drop to $250 worn once, doesn't fit as well as I thought. Don't know where the tags went $250 shipped worldwide, never worn sold
  7. youre fukin up make that last word 650px its too small
  8. post picture
  9. i do dat
  10. drew this in highschool when I came to school with pink eye one day
  12. i thought it was because lice are racist
  13. the problem is that there exists painted high tops, but these are mids advertised as highs
  14. hello **************************************************************************************************** Black, worn ~3 times, fits slightly tighter than other 44s 180 shipped conus sold ______________________________________________________________________ Olive, worn a good number of times 130 110 shipped conus (one and only drop) honestly this is the last drop -> $99 more pictures here: ********************************************************************************************************* thank you
  15. On a hanger for picture purposes only Never gets any wear so I would like to pass it on. The close up picture is most representative of its color $120 sold Price includes shipping in the CONUS Measurements: p2p: 22" s2s: raglan sleeve from pit: 21 sleeve from collar: 31.25 Length front: 24 Length back: 25 There are two super small spots with a slight discoloration, I didn't even notice them until I was looking for something wrong. Both are located on the lower/middle back. see pictures:
  16. Robert Geller slim fit ash jeans size 50 Great jeans. they are too big for me in the waist but there is no way I could go down one more size, they are sold out anyway Just got these in today and tried them on, but that is it. Tags are still on Looking to not lose much, selling for what I payed but losing out on the shipping charge. Shipping is included, don't sleep $180 $170 sold measurements: waist- 18" thigh- 12" rise- 11" inseam- 34" outseam- 43" hem- 7.25" They stretch a very small amount (other than the waist) because of the polyurethane Here are some fit pics, they are just too tight for me in the calves and lower thighs. I have relatively big calves though :\ I would keep them and just tailor the waist
  17. dropppppppppp
  18. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  19. fup fup fup fup
  20. fap fap fap fap