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  1. check out vacmaster
  2. 6 minutes
  3. ^ post that in the super awkward thread
  4. sold one, and drop the other to $250 from $270
  5. those are all great what are you shooting with
  6. Selling two shirts, both size 2. Posting here before I create a listing. I'm in Australia, worldwide shipping is included. Prices in USD- $490 for both Paypal gift/add 3% $270 shipped worldwide drop to $250 worn once, doesn't fit as well as I thought. Don't know where the tags went $250 shipped worldwide, never worn sold
  7. youre fukin up make that last word 650px its too small
  8. post picture
  9. i do dat
  10. drew this in highschool when I came to school with pink eye one day
  12. i thought it was because lice are racist
  13. the problem is that there exists painted high tops, but these are mids advertised as highs