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  1. A new retailer in Vancouver called Leisure Center https://www.instagram.com/stories/leisurecenter950/2799800525388560779/?hl=en has picked up Acronym. Check out the link before E tears them a new one. https://r.xiumi.us/board/v5/3kdpr/343337784

    Pricing is all in CAD. The P39-M-B is priced at $690. I haven't seen prices this low for Acronym trousers since pre 2010. I'll try and pop by the shop to see if they actually have them out on the floor. I'm really curious what this Nylon Stretch material is like in person. 


    Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 8.40.22 AM.png


    3 hours ago, hanzen1138 said:

    This is probably gonna be very divisive. Can't lie though, I'm not a fan


    The LJ-2 is my personal ACR grail and sadly, I never could afford the insane resell pricing. I remember seeing one in my size being on Grailed but for the ridiculous price of 10k USD. 



    I'm personally excited for this jacket above. I know there's going to be 3 colourways but the one you posted is going to be an instacop for me. It might not be leather, but I'll take this consolation prize until I can find an LJ-2 in size L or XL for less than the price of a new kidney.


  3. 39 minutes ago, AggaCityGang said:

    Hello folks, is it appreciated if I post my videos here?

    Have a nice day!

    Hey dude! You should post what you like (as long as it's Acronym) and ignore what the haters think. Errolson reposted your last video on instagram so clearly, if it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for us.

  4. 1 minute ago, Mannymmk said:

    Hm... I'm not seeing the sales for some reason.

    It's probably still set as "Private sale" SSENSE has set a set VIP list based on how much you've spent there. If you can't access this page https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/sale then you likely haven't bought from SSENSE in a long time. You'll know you have access when you see this text at the top of the browser.

    Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 6.57.45 PM.png

  5. 2 hours ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    Anyone has a SM1-KR or similar? Trying to figure out if the nylon sleeve is heavy/thick enough to get in the way, or feel weird, when worn?

    I own the KR-SM1 and the Nylon pouch part has never gotten in the way. I just make sure to wear the nylon against the body so that it's not visible. Mine is quite old so some of the text has worn off. That's the only part that really annoys me. Otherwise, it's been a staple in my collection.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Orientalq said:

    Yes like years ago on the 2.0, not the 2.2 or the latest version which was why I used "being made" since those have been made and are sold out. 

    Why don't you ask E yourself since he's going to be the only one that could answer your question.

    Also, "years ago" is nothing in terms of time. Acronym has been around for 20+ years now. I would love to see the LJ-2 make a comeback, or Limonta fabric being used again, but I doubt it will happen. If it does, great! If not, it won't stop by from buying future pieces. If you want a stotz jacket, you'll find plenty in decent condition in the acronym sales thread. 

  7. Could anyone help me ID these kicks Errolson is wearing here? I know they're Converse Chuck 70 hi tops. They look like canvas but it's hard to tell. Possibly an Undercover collab? I feel like this has been mentioned in the forum but i couldn't find anything via search. Anyhoo, any details would be greatly appreciated.


  8. 3 minutes ago, Mannymmk said:

    Thanks! so the AuxZip’s of the same length? don’t know if L jacket will have a longer zip than M liner.

    I have a J1A in L and my go to liner is the J65–AK in XL. The Aux zip on the liner is slightly longer, but not by much and it's not really noticeable, nor does it impact the way you would wear it. The J65 is short sleeve so you will never have that "long sleeve" problem to worry about. 

  9. 1 hour ago, WiseFool said:

    Any owners of the previous j29 variants willing to chime in regarding sizing? I heard they fit quite slim. Trying to figure out how the ws version will translate over from the gt and ch versions. 

    I had the GT-J29 and it was very slim compared to my other jackets in the same size (medium.) I find WS to also fit more on the slimmer side. If I were you, I would definitely size up at least 1 size. If you have slightly longer arms, maybe go up 2 sizes if you want a bit of room to layer. Good luck!

  10. 23 minutes ago, Westbrook said:

    I’ve been out of the ACR loop for quite a while. How often/when do new pieces from a collection typically drop? Is there any warning or do they just appear on the site one day. Specifically interest in the J89-AD. 

    We should be getting a couple days warning. I do know for sure that the FW release is slated for October. 

    Also, it's good to see the original creator of this thread return :) 

  11. Quick question for those using auxzip. Has anyone mismatched sizes between their jackets and the liner when using the auxzip? I have a large J1A-GT gen 2.2 and I'm looking to pick up the J65-AK. If I get a J65-AK in Medium or XL, would it zip into the auxzip lopsided? 

  12. I thought I’d chime in with a quick review of the F1-T-B. 

    I’ve been wearing these daily since I got them and so far, I love them. I went with the B variation because for me, they were the most appealing. 

    I do agree with the earlier reviews that they are heavy, but it doesn’t really bother me. I adjusted the side arms and nose pads to my liking, which helps keep the glasses in place. 

    The build quality is very good. In comparison, I own a range of sunglasses from Ray Ban, Adidas (Made in Austria), Neighborhood, VISVIM, and Louis Vuitton. I feel like these are more on par with VISVIM in terms of build quality. 

    I’ve worn mine in the sun and the spill of light through the clip-on lenses did not bother me. In the rain, I took the clip-ons off and used just the yellow tinted lenses. I felt like I was able to see far better wearing these during a typical rainy Vancouver afternoon/evening. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least  

    Maybe I’m not as critical as the others here who commented on their sunglasses but I feel like these are a great pair of regular clip on sunglasses, albeit slightly overpriced. The only thing that really annoys me is that I need to clean off finger prints twice as often as my other sunglasses. Ok one other gripe I had was that the cleaning cloth they threw in felt badly cut. It was like someone took a dull pair of scissors and unevenly cut out a square.

    I can’t see too many folks buying and keeping these unless they are die hard Acronym fans. For me, I’m very happy I grabbed a pair. Cheers!!! 







  13. 17 hours ago, thatslapz said:

    Got charged about $50 USD in UPS charges.  $36 for brokerage fees, I'm assuming to clear through the FDA/Department of Ag, and then another $14 I assume in duties.  I am guessing it is 2% under 9004.10.00 for sunglasses, but reached out to confirm.  Will update when/if I get a response.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the US had an $800 duty free allowance for products from Europe coming into the states? 

    I haven’t received any extra charges yet from UPS and It’s shipping to Washington state. If that changes, I’ll definitely update this post. 

  14. 8 hours ago, TEKsevenZERO said:

    That ACRNM packing tape costs a fortune don't you know, common knowledge just like the poly bags and copier pæper used for the spec sheets!

    That's justification right there ;)

    When I received my AVM's from Acronym's first drop, they no longer had the classic ACRNM packing tape. It was plain white and boring. So much disappointment :( At least it still included the Stamped Envelope...

  15. 18 minutes ago, suprastar said:

    I seem to be always like an hour or so too slow for these re-stocks...

    let me know if anyone sees a US8 in any colourway..

    I've been stalking the restocks too. Of course they end up dropping when I'm driving to the states to get some gas :(

    If I see any size come back, i'll definitely post here. So far, there's been no change in the past 30 minutes. I plan to hit refresh for at least an hour, just to be safe :P

    Actually, I'm surprised people aren't copping the smaller sizes. Hopefully this is a sign of resellers staying away!

  16. 14 minutes ago, akuma no uta said:

    Trending on StockX under $300 and they haven’t even released on Nike.com yet lol




    If you use the promo code STOCKXPAYPAL20 You'll get an additional $20 bucks off. That said, Im pretty sure that code expires tomorrow night before the actual launch. Decisions Decisions!!!

  17. Priced to sell. If you're interested, hit me up! 

    J39-S Light Shell Gabardine Trench Coat - Medium - Raf Green SOLD

    Worn a few times. Includes Spec sheet and Baggy. Condition 9.9/10. 

    GT-J20 Gore-Tex Pro Hardshell Jacket - Medium - Black SOLD

    Worn a few dozen times. Does not include Spec Sheet or Baggy. Condition 8/10.

    Link to original post with pictures https://supertalk.superfuture.com/topic/147967-the-acronym-community-sales-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3269613

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342