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  1. we need to talk about craig green





    his show is really good. even better than last season.
    there's an improvement in his work and this last show follows the steps of the previous ones. he's pushing even further his work on restriction and liberty (used for aw 14-15), the creative process stays the same but the result is better

    the theme "a silent protest" is interesting and clearly identifiable with the flags, extremely large silhouettes etc . sad we still don't know what he's protesting again.  knowing that would be interesting

    the show is beautiful, the details are impressive  


    for his first solo show, this is especially promising



    JW Anderson is really interesting too. i like his work - great technique, silhouettes, references to social class- and his deep questioning regarding the gender perception in our society. why are we shocked when we see a man's bones etc




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