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  1. video game OST saved my life

    Here I thought I was the only one who likes to listen to video game OSTs. For me, SNES is probably my favorite. While the games weren't the greatest, the OST for the Power Rangers games (both regular and movie) are pretty good. I could listen to Mario RPG all day too. Always felt Starfox 64 had a pretty good orchestral score, maybe my favorite of that generation of consoles. (Remember the "Rumble Pack" it came with?) Old-school wise, Tecmo Bowl for NES.
  2. Fonts / Typography

    OK, maybe someone here could help me with my problem. I'm trying to install an old-school bitmapped font on my MacBook. It's a picture font that came out in the 80s that I had on my old Mac Classic. My old TrueTypes will install just fine, but it doesn't like the bitmapped font and says it's dangerous to use or something like that. The MacBook runs Lion FWIW. Can't seem to find any updated version of it so the bitmapped font is all I've got. I do still have the old-school Mac if I really get desperate to use it.
  3. Long distance running saved my life...

    I go old-school with things; I have a pedometer and an iPod. I do have an iPhone, but don't like to bring it along for any sort of exercise since it's sort of my getaway time. That being said, I just got back into running two weeks ago. Haven't run since last summer and it shows. I'm sort of embarrassed that my gf can run 20 miles and I can go 2. I still beat her any day of the week in cycling, but I haven't done much running since high school when I played baseball. I'm sort of easing myself into it with some short distance stuff--a jog around my apartment complex, a quick run to the grocery store up the street (unless I need to take my car), maybe a mid-day sprint to the trash dumpster. I want to at least work my way up to do a half marathon sometime but at the same time I do cycling and swimming so I'll have to balance things out. Just got back into cycling a while ago and while it's been great, it's seriously cut into my time with lifting. Used to lift all the time, now it's more an occasional thing (though I did lift yesterday). Basically need an extra 2 hours every day to get all this accomplished while running my business!
  4. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Got a new place a while ago; it's been forever since I've been on these forums. No good pics to share but it's coming along. Still need the gf to come over and help with the paint job though. Only complaint I have is that my appliances suck and they don't seem that willing to let me get my own. I'll probably only stay in this place another year or two though since I do want to upgrade to a home soon--been an apartment guy since my second year of college.
  5. I was too old for the show by the time it came out but did read the books. Pretty good series for kids; lots of typical grade school level problems get covered like where he has to get glasses or has trouble with his teacher. The fire drill one would be great for a lot of kids (I don't think it was ever a book); we had one in my homeroom in 3rd grade who was terrified of them to the point he'd try to skip school the day they had them. I seem to remember Arthur was one of the first eBooks, back when they got sold on a CD-ROM and cost a few hundred. My elementary school had some of them although sadly I was too old for them by that point. Hopefully they had the same sort of dialogue as the TV show; it looks pretty good from what I can see in these posts.
  6. video games ruined my life

    I'm really mixed on the PS4 and for that matter the upcoming generation of consoles. I've got at least one console from the last three generations plus a MacBook with both OS X and Windows. All three consoles I have were upgrades over the previous generation but I'm not sure if this one will be worth it if, as others have said, the main focus is social gaming. Don't get me wrong, I like online play and had some killer tournaments back in my youth with my pals (Tecmo Bowl on NES, GoldenEye and MarioKart 64 anyone?) but if it's Facebook-type gaming, count me out. I sort of predicted Zynga would fail anyway even when everyone was playing Farmville. (Heck, it's really just a knockoff of the old Sim Farm game put out by Maxis, which was basically original Sim City on a farm). Sadly, it seems to be the trend. Apple is going this way with their iOS devices. I've got an iPad and found they make the old Number Munchers game (remember that from school on those awesome old Apple IIs?) and sure enough, they want me to connect to "Game Center" so I can put up high scores. Yeah, I do kick ass at math (and not just the fifth grade stuff they have on the game) but do I really care if the world sees that I kick ass at math and get nostalgia rushes every now and then? I think I'll have to wait to see the PS4 on display. I've been to launch night for a console once, but probably won't be doing it this time since: A) I want to see what games come out over the first few months I don't have as much time for games as I used to (barely played last year) C) My gf hates video games and would probably have some choice words for me if I dumped money on a so-so console. She likes old-school MarioKart (only reason I have a GameCube laying around) but that's pretty much it. That being said, I do plan on getting the new Sim City.
  7. Kitchen Stuff! - Plate, Cookware, Gadgets

    ^ Loving the old cookware. Big fan of older kitchen stuff myself. Most of what I have is an inheritance from my mom. When I got my first apartment in college, I got all the old stuff. Some of it goes even further back in the family. I have a few newer items (mostly large appliances) but my cookware, bakeware, flatware, and dishes are all vintage 70s/80s stuff; some goes back to the 20s like this cool antique flour sifter I have. I did get new glasses though--wanted multiple sizes. Not sure how many of you have a toaster oven, but I'm wondering how Black & Decker is with their warranties. Got mine as a gift a little over a year ago. Box says it has a 2 year warranty. I have no receipt but this thing has some issues--always smells like it's going to burn down, even at low temperatures. Yes, it's been used and broken in, and the smell got so bad it set off my smoke alarms last time. Had to get my old one from the 90s out for now; it's pretty small but still works great and fired right up after sitting idly for a long time. Probably will swap it from a Cuisinart if I can't get anything from B&D. Everyone in the family has one now except me and they seem like better machines overall. Aside from that, a pretty solid little machine. Claims it can hold a whole pizza, although I've never tried one in there.
  8. Sufu cell phone buying guide. What's really good?

    recently got the iPhone 4s. honestly, i don't find myself using Siri too much, probably just out of old habits (never used voice dialing on my old phones that had it), but the phone itself is pretty solid. my only complaint is the battery life. it seems to lose charge really quickly; even my first candy bar phone from about a decade ago lasted longer on a charge. had to get a car charger for those long days in the field.
  9. Best/Favorite tech blogs?

    I got into Arstechnica a few years ago. I agree, the quality of the material has gone down somewhat on tech blogs in general. Ars hasn't been nearly as good the past few months. I still consider it the best overall though since it has news from many sectors plus science. Macrumors is pretty good if you're into Apple stuff. Part of me thinks this is because more and more people are jumping on the tech bandwagon, wanting to read more after they get a smartphone, tablet, or other new toy. Since these guys aren't always as tech-savvy as traditional readers, they have to sort of water it down a bit.
  10. i am still using windows xp on my old desktop

    XP's still supported for another two years or thereabout. Just so long as you aren't using IE6 anymore you're good for now. Still, Windows 7 is a pretty solid OS. As far as bloat, both Windows and OS X are guilty of that in their newer versions, as are plenty of software packages (I'm looking directly at MS Office here).
  11. iPad covers

    I know it's not flashy, but I went with the Apple Smart Cover (in black leather). I like to have matching accessories for my stuff (i.e. official factory accessories for my car) since I feel it matches best from an aesthetic standpoint. Don't get me wrong, some of the cases I've seen in this thread are pretty nice and are a lot more stylish than the one I have, but I'm keeping my simple one for now since it's doing the trick. I'm not too worried about the bottom of the iPad. It seems to be very similar in material (could be identical, I'm not 100% sure) to my MacBook Air, which I've thrown in and out of bags for over a year. It still looks practically new. I put both the Air and the iPad in the section in my bag typically used for file folders, where they fit nicely and don't really slide around. Since I have another MacBook, I use the middle section either for that or other thicker materials (i.e. binders).
  12. Baseball Talk

    AL Cy Young easily goes to Verlander, but I've also heard rumblings about him as an MVP candidate; should either be him or Granderson for that. World Series-wise, my early prediction is Milwaukee and Detroit with Milwaukee winning in six games and Braun winning MVP. Tony Plush will also start at least one brawl.
  13. Five Favourite Cars

    Hard to pick just five favorites, so I'll have to generalize... 1. Vintage Olds Toronados. I've always said that if I restore an old car someday, it will be a 66 Toro. I like most of the pre-1986 Toros and even though the last generation was one of GM's typical mid-80s cars, it did have that innovative computer system on it. 2. Porsche 959. By far my favorite Porsche. 3. Chevrolet Impala SS from the mid-90s. Definitely underrated, and among GM's last rear-drive V8 sedans. 4. RWD Chevrolet Monte Carlos (up through 1988, not the 90s-00s models). Used to see an SS around my neighborhood growing up and always liked it. 5. Honda Prelude, last generation (1997-2001). Another underrated car, although that could really apply to Preludes in general. If you can get past the dash that looks like a spare part from a 1987 Accord, it's an awesome car. Honorable Mention: BMW L6. Pretty uncommon car, too.
  14. worst jobs you've had

    Cutting grass one spring in my youth. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I have a pretty bad spring grass pollen allergy. Had to deal with weeks of itchy eyes and congestion. I didn't mind the actual grass cutting part; in fact, I found it enjoyable, it was just the allergies that resulted that made it unpleasant. Often will wear a surgical mask these days when I mow my yard in the spring, which seems to work reasonably well against the allergies.
  15. video games ruined my life

    Don't forget the Virtual Console titles. If you never got a chance to play Super Mario RPG on the SNES, make it the first VC title you buy--easily one of the most underrated/under-appreciated classic games out there.