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    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    hey ya'll, have some stuff for sale. Visvim Whymper 9.5 - Used - $350 shipped Brown with burgundy tint. Worn very lightly, pretty much new. They just don't fit unfortunately. Slight creasing from when I tried to break 'em in for a day, but nada. No box, but does include the orange laces as well. More pics here: [1] [2] [3] [4] Visvim Brigadier 9.5 - New - $450 shipped Light brown with blue calico heel. Brand new, took a gamble and of course they don't fit. Comes with everything. Got a good deal so passing it on. More pics here: [1] [2] Have plenty of feedback elsewhere, please just ask any questions you have.
  2. Oliver Peoples gone, Plokhov hidden placket shirt (just dropped the price on this) and Nonnative parka still available. Last week before it goes off to ebay.
  3. Stuff gone, nonnative, Oliver peoples, and Plokhov still available!
  4. updated second post with more stuff! schneider shirt and our legacy archive blazer!
  5. Price drop on the Schneider, will be adding more stuff this weekend (Plokhov zipper blazer 46 as well as Diemme Cordura boots in 43)