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  1. start a new black denim with 710 cut
  2. for my pair, around 0.5" more shrinkage in the inseam
  3. My 710 countless washes, side by side with 60s BigE
  4. Those pics. reminded me to wash mine again
  5. My 66 styles denim pants Resolute710, Vintage Levi's BigE, and TCB60s
  6. TCB

    i've been breaking in my TCB 60s for a while now. My 60s denim pants
  7. Thank you so much Volvo , you're right, Resolute710 are more comfy on the topblock, but i will find my way to fit in with my TCB60s. You worn great pairs of TCBs
  8. Thank you guys. Anyone having/wearing 710 and TCB 60s in same tagged size? My TCB 60s is so much tighter than my710.
  9. A few more washes after my last post
  10. Thank you so much guys, i worn them for around a year and 3months, washed them every month or two.
  11. My 710
  12. SG2105, 1 year, 4 wash
  13. My 007SP - 9 months, 2 machine wash
  14. num21lock, Mine is 30" in Sizetag, Pre soak : waist - 33" a inseam i hemmto 34" other measurement i didn't do it. Lastest, 3rd hot soak for 1.30hrs (inside out) and put in clothes dryer for about 2 hrs Waist - 31.5" inseam - 31" thigh - 11" leg opening - 7"
  15. This is the best i can get after trying to shrink it as i lost some weight after pre-ordered. With 3 hot soaks and 1 Clothes dryer.