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  1. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    I see the Lot001XX is now on Superdenim- anyone tempted?
  2. Evisu is still loved!

    Really nice Crash- I have the Orange box ones from the same collection which I've not worn for ages but might do so now!
  3. Denim Wish List

    How about I give you my wish list instead mate?
  4. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Shameless plug for a spare brand new pair of 517s that are sitting on my rail pining for a new owner who will show them some attention ;-) Size 32. PM me for details or head to that well known auction site...
  5. Warehouse

    Exactly that- thanks @Outdoorsman- the service I got from them was great, and it was just an unfortunate mistake they sent the wrong version of the jeans, but like I said it's meant I now have the 1945 and 1943 versions and the denim is now my fave fabric. My gripe is with UK customs, which negates any cost saving of Japanese domestic prices. @i_denim Don't be scared, but do your research on measurements to ensure the fit is what you want. In terms of quality, style and attention to detail, Warehouse my joint favourite brand with Fullcount, and I put their fabric ahead of FC which is no small feat. You won't be disappointed with the product, just choose the model/style that you know will work for you.
  6. Full Count Denim Thread

    ^ Completely agree with John, 1101 is a great cut and while I also prefer the XX denim, the standard weight is unbelievably comfy!
  7. Full Count Denim Thread

    Haha, well in that case it makes sense- just beware when a customer asks what model your awesome 'Levi's' are!
  8. Full Count Denim Thread

    My advice- don't. The arcs start disintegrating with wear so end up looking like vintage Levi's, and they are so similar yet different enough why change them to look even more like Levi's? Embrace the arcs, and the denim, and enjoy!
  9. Warehouse

    Hey mate, I have these jeans and they are true to size- I'm a 32 (31 in Fullcount) and my DD1003XX and DD1003SXX are a 32 and fit perfectly. The denim is awesome by the way- has such character and it's evolving nicely.
  10. Warehouse

    Ordering from Warehouse JP was super easy for me, problem was the UK customs absolutely taking my pants down as Warehouse put the full value on the customs form. Not great when Warehouse had sent the wrong jeans! They sent the replacements marked as a gift, and after asking I also got a discount on the first pair rather than sending them back. Not ideal spending more that month, but having both the DD1003SXX and the DD1003XX is ideal! Great communication from them too. If customs aren't an issue, you're laughing. For me, I'll now just wait until my planned Japan trip in 2020 before I stock up, and carry on buying from Son of a Stag for the tees/ sweats in the meantime.
  11. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    My latest list... Fullcount 0105xx Fullcount 1101xx Fullcount 1108xx Fullcount 1100-14-03 WW2 (unworn) Fullcount 1100-15 Momotaro 0201 Oni 517xx Oni 517 (unworn) RRL Slim straight Mister Freedom Californian 54 LVC 1922 (unworn with tags) LVC 1878 Pantaloon (unworn with tags) LVC 1966 (Sample seconds) Studio D'Artisan 103 Eternal 811 Denime 66 evisu (small e red tab) 2001 hank dye plain pockets(unworn) evisu (small e red tab) 2004 (deadstock, unworn, hand painted arcs) Evisu 2000 No.1 Evis 2001No.2 Evis 2004 No.2 (heavily worn) Evis 2004 No.2 (heavily worn) Evisu 2001 No.2 Evisu Heritage Orange tab Evis/Yamane Deluxe (bows as arcs) Evisu Deluxe hank dye/grey weft Tender 130 woad dye Samurai 710xx Edwin Sen MiJ Warehouse DD1003XX (1945) - Current weekend wear Warehouse DD1003SXX (1943)
  12. Full Count Denim Thread

    Size down 1 from your usual size mate - I wear 32 in Warehouse, but always 31 in Fullcount
  13. Superdenim Instagram Community

  14. I think some appreciation and respect of opinion is required here - the fact that we, as a global denim tribe care enough to view, comment and rep on this forum (and specific thread) with different opinions is to be celebrated and we should appreciate that. It's a tragedy that Cone is closing which I'm sure we all agree, and it's easy to either celebrate and dismiss the different Japanese denims, again with good points on both sides (e.g. Oni/PBJ versus Fullcount and Warehouse in terms of cut/texture) and therefore fall into the 'Cone isn't as good as the Japanese versions' type brawls. Just because it's a Cone thread about closing down doesn't mean someone can't voice a negative opinion (just as is the case in other threads!) about their experience, just as it shouldn't be a gushing obituary from those who didn't purchase but now realise what is about to be extinct (just like when all the great comments come out after a forgotten celebrity dies, too late!). Long message short- we are all one tribe, opinions are to be encouraged because it shows we all care about denim, and now, the repercussions.
  15. What are your favorite jeans?

    Hmmm, tricky with over 30 pairs to choose from but the following are faves/go to's : 1) Fullcount 0105xx - a cracking all round straight cut (and the WW2 versions) 2) Fullcount 1101xx- same as above but with a subtle taper 3) Evisu 2000 No.1- amazing denim 4) Warehouse DD1003XX (1943 and 1945 versions) Recent purchases and I love them already- similar to the Fullcount 0105 in terms of fit but the denim is very neppy and full of character 5) Eternal 811- the cut is a classic straight and the denim is so so dark when new