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  1. EdwardBear

    Full Count Denim Thread

    I hear that Tsujita San wants to get back to a more vintage style cut, so a much higher rise with an extra button and wide leg (the 0106 cut is what 0105 will turn into apparently) and that many stores wouldn't carry the brand currently because of the arcs and tabs, as well as Levi's being on their case almost constantly. Tsujita San thinks that the brand has enough of an image and reputation that doesn't need the Levi's heritage tributes anymore. However the arcs got approved patent wise last year so there's always the option to bring it back if needs be. Interesting that Warehouse have recently upped their own hidden arcs and red tab on all their DD range, and the new 800XX now has a red tab. So where Fullcount are going less repro Levi's wise, Warehouse seem to be doing the opposite.
  2. EdwardBear

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I've heard from a very good source that LVC have a whole load of Cone White Oak NOS denim they are saving for some very limited editions in the coming years, and that the rumours of them having to get Kaihara to source their denim is misplaced...
  3. EdwardBear

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Depends what you mean by a little bit loose- in the waist or as a silhouette? If you want looser in the waist, go true to size as the rule with Fullcount is size down one, and it will still stretch. If you want a loose cut, the 1108 is not the one to go for- you'll need 0105 which is in my opinion the best Fullcount jean. Hope that helps!