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  1. Warehouse

    I'm tempted but as they put the true value on the shipping, last time UK customs absolutely hit me hard, as did the UK ParcelForce (ParcelFarce as I call them) on 'release fees'. Maybe a proxy who marks as a gift is my way forward. Not that I need another pair- the DD1003XX 1943 I've got are still in the canvas bag!
  2. Warehouse

    Did you order direct from Warehouse JP John? I've been super tempted as I have the DD1003XX in both 1943 and 1945 and love the fit so these would add to the collection!
  3. Full Count Denim Thread

    You can't go wrong with either denim, and both will give you beautiful vintage style fades just like old 1950s Levi's. I tend to prefer the heavier XX denim as it's got a little more character and softens beautifully with wear, but the 13.7oz also so comfortable that it's ideal for warmer days. I tend to wear only Fullcount and Warehouse socially as both are just so comfortable and the cuts are great. 1101 a great fit, the 1108 tighter in the top block and a slimmer straight fit. Don't overlook the 0105 either- it's the same top block as the 1101 but a straight fit rather than a slight taper and it's one of my favourite cuts- I'll be getting the 13.7oz 0105 at some point but got several other pairs of Fullcount to break in first.
  4. Conners Sewing Factory

    @Broark Your first two lines are exactly what I've been thinking today! I had messaged Konaka about them as I also don't have any CSF but I didn't expect any in my size to be left over. I'm still breaking in my Warehouse DD1003 1945 and have the 1943 still in their canvas bag waiting their turn. £385+shipping+ customs fees then take them realistically to £500, which is crazy. I could easily get 2 more pairs of Warehouse DD for the same money. So tempting but I think just too expensive when I'm not short of denim at the mo. But then again, those amazing arcs...
  5. Full Count Denim Thread

    Exactly this. Always size down 1 in Fullcount ( PS we're the same size @Maynard Friedman if you get bored of any pairs!) and both denims always stretch out beyond original tag size- my 31 waist 13.7oz WW2-1100-15 (1101 cut) feel more like a 34 at mo as I've not washed them for a bit. They shrink back, then stretch again. Sizing down 1 gets the correct profile- if you want a slimmer one, opt for 1108, 1109, 1110. Sizing down more than 1 in Fullcount means you should probably look for another brand rather than spoil the intended cut.
  6. Warehouse

    Hi Oliver, I own both the 1943 and 1945 DD1003xx, and as @beautiful_FrEaK correctly suggested, the fit is pretty much the same for both pairs and if there is a difference it's not noticeable when trying both pairs on! I ended up with both as Warehouse initially sent me the wrong ones (1943 when I'd ordered 1945) but I ended up keeping both as the cut, details and denim are all absolutely fantastic. Already the 1945 are one of my faves but I also love the WW2 details of the 1943. I'm already tempted by the painted arc version mentioned further up this page but I'll need to resist or face some heat from the missus! I think you're going to love the 1943, and I'd recommend the 1945 too. I was contemplating the 1947 but again these might have to wait for the same reason as the ltd edition 43's! Enjoy the jeans when they arrive- I'm a massive Fullcount fan and my 1003's were my first foray into Warehouse. Both brands are now joint top faves- I'd always recommend the Fullcount 0105 as a perfect jean too!
  7. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    I see the Lot001XX is now on Superdenim- anyone tempted?
  8. Evisu is still loved!

    Really nice Crash- I have the Orange box ones from the same collection which I've not worn for ages but might do so now!
  9. Denim Wish List

    How about I give you my wish list instead mate?
  10. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Shameless plug for a spare brand new pair of 517s that are sitting on my rail pining for a new owner who will show them some attention ;-) Size 32. PM me for details or head to that well known auction site...
  11. Warehouse

    Exactly that- thanks @Outdoorsman- the service I got from them was great, and it was just an unfortunate mistake they sent the wrong version of the jeans, but like I said it's meant I now have the 1945 and 1943 versions and the denim is now my fave fabric. My gripe is with UK customs, which negates any cost saving of Japanese domestic prices. @i_denim Don't be scared, but do your research on measurements to ensure the fit is what you want. In terms of quality, style and attention to detail, Warehouse my joint favourite brand with Fullcount, and I put their fabric ahead of FC which is no small feat. You won't be disappointed with the product, just choose the model/style that you know will work for you.
  12. Full Count Denim Thread

    ^ Completely agree with John, 1101 is a great cut and while I also prefer the XX denim, the standard weight is unbelievably comfy!
  13. Full Count Denim Thread

    Haha, well in that case it makes sense- just beware when a customer asks what model your awesome 'Levi's' are!
  14. Full Count Denim Thread

    My advice- don't. The arcs start disintegrating with wear so end up looking like vintage Levi's, and they are so similar yet different enough why change them to look even more like Levi's? Embrace the arcs, and the denim, and enjoy!
  15. Warehouse

    Hey mate, I have these jeans and they are true to size- I'm a 32 (31 in Fullcount) and my DD1003XX and DD1003SXX are a 32 and fit perfectly. The denim is awesome by the way- has such character and it's evolving nicely.