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  1. Those look nice Crash- are the gulls Osaka purple or Tokyo blue? If you don't want to keep them, keep me posted...
  2. Looking forward to seeing some fit pics of the No.1 2001s Crash, as well as more of your new 2000s. I've started wearing some of my Evis 2001s recently as a 'comfy' pair as I pretty much wear Fullcounts all the time at mo, but the temptation to get some new No.1s is getting much stronger now. I wear them high water style anyway so inseam will probably naturally work for me!
  3. I have an untouched tagged made in USA pair on my rail, but size 32x36, and I keep debating whether to eBay them or soak them for a nice loose summer pair, but with several pairs of very early but mint condition MiJ Evisu 2001also sitting on the rail they have the priority...
  4. I agree with you John, I've got 4 pairs of the 15.5oz (0105XX,1101XX, 1100-14 WW2 1108XX) and one pair of the banner denim (1100-15 WW2) and my preference is for the heavier denim- it's so soft and so hardwearing. Still, my 1100-15 will get loads of wear when summertime arrives in the UK...
  5. Yep, I've got the 1101XX in a 31 and also the WW2 1100-15 (1101 cut) in the 13.75 denim, also in a 31. I'm also a 31 in the 1108XX and the 0105XX. in my experience, Fullcount sizes are the same regardless of cut, one wash or raw, standard or XX denim. That's why I love them- it's so easy and the differences in cut are subtle (although the 1108 is the slimmest I would go personally)
  6. It won't shrink any more mate, and it will stretch out pretty easily with wear depending on how much pressure is being put on the waistband! It's a great cut, great denim, and one of the most reliable in terms of shrink/non shrink and stretch. Hope that helps!
  7. I could be swapping my planned Fullcount Anniversary edition purchase next year for a pair of CSF having looked at the site!
  8. Yeah, ping me the measurements later mate (and price) when it's convenient and I'll see if it could work
  9. Is that an actual 31 or tagged buddy? If it's an actual 31 waist then it could be a contender...
  10. PS what size are those 2000 No.1s you've got Flash? (I have a feeling you're going to say 30 waist)
  11. Well, I've just got rid of my unworn 1101s to a friend, but I don't think I'll manage to slim down the collection as much as you Flash!
  12. Oh man, just yesterday I sent a brand new pair of 1101 13.7oz in 31 to a good mate of mine as they were sitting on my rail and not at the front of the rotation queue! If they don't fit him, I'll let you know as I love my 0105s. Let me know if you end up wanting to sell 'em...
  13. Hey John, both denims have their merits- most of my Fullcounts are the XX model but my 2015 WW2 are 13.75. I prefer the XX denim personally as it's so comfortable for the heavier weight and seemed to have a bit more character, but once my WW2 have got more wear on them I can compare them much better. Stretch is about the same for both I'd say and whichever the weight you can't go wrong! Best, Ed
  14. Hi John, as I suspected, the measurements for waist and thigh on my 0105XX and 1101XX are as near as identical as dammit! So I'd recommend going with the same size for both models. In fact, my experience is I go the same size for 0105, 1101, and 1108. The two WW2 models I have (1100-14 and 1100-15 based on 0105 and 1101 respectively) also fit me exactly the same in a 31. I don't have 1109 as I think it's probably a little skinny but tempted by the 1110Z which I'd also opt for in a 31. Hope this helps!
  15. Hey John, I have 0105xx and 1101xx both in a 31 and without having measured them I'd say the only noticeable difference is below the knee/leg opening. Thigh and top block seems identical to me. To be honest, they are both such great cuts there's little between them to be an easy rotation, but enough difference to know you've got that particular model on, if that makes sense?! I'll happily measure mine tomorrow to let you know, but from wearing both the only difference with mine is below the knee, and my 1101xx arcs are wider and lower :-) Best, Ed