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  1. Just gonna lower the tone a little... 

    Altberg tabbing boots, about 4 years old and approx 4000 miles walked in these on pavements trails and mountainous terrain (in dryer weather) they are lined in cambrelle and have a cordura bellows tongue. A great general purpose boot. They probably have another 3000 miles left in them until they need a resole! 

    49537893366_14b1b7e34e_b.jpgIMG_20200215_123930 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

    49537399538_f75a73b023_b.jpgIMG_20200215_123811 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

    49537399103_1f64b0a1fd_b.jpgIMG_20200215_123745 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

    49537893496_7d1b702481_b.jpgIMG_20200215_123824 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

  2. 47 minutes ago, JohnM said:

    Sounds like you really did your homework Dylan.  Glad you're happy with the result.  I know some of the folks at Aero (Derek and Chloé) -- both have been great to work with.  But I haven't bought a leather jacket from them (yet), just some LVC jeans.

    So many jackets to choose from, it does take time to figure out what will work best.  The Premiers sound great in terms of leather quality and hardware, but I fear the high armholes and trim arms will not work for my build (average 6-footer, but slightly large chest and arms).  The Highwayman looks good, as do the A-2s.  The keys are to get a nice hide, good hardware, good fit, and solid construction.  Sounds like you've done all that!

    I would highly advise you email Holly (Ken Calder's daughter) who is in charge of dealing with customers orders at aero if you era thinking of ordering one, she was a great help to me when I ordered. They will completely customise the jacket to your measurements if need be, and if you have fit problems they will deal with it quickly. 

  3. Thanks johnm, I'm very happy with the construction and quality, this one was made by Julie Leich (probably spelling her name wrong!?) she is the Head machinist and is responsible for their film jackets! The hides are selected from the best that they have and I can confirm that they are fantastic. There is one stitch line that is slightly uneven on the right cuff, but i like that as this jacket is hand made from start to finish and this highlights that perfectly (I love that about handmade items!) 

    The Premier jackets do have much higher arm holes and slimmer sleeves. The collars are also a different (slimmer) design and the shoulders are a bit neater fitting too. The fit is fantastic, I ended up adding a bit of length to the body and sleeves, I'm not that tall, about 5'11" but am a somewhat odd build so needed that extra length! I also had it lined in cotton drill instead of the wool tartan as I wanted to be able to wear this in warmer weather too. I also had them fit the standard aero label instead of the Premier one as it reminds me of a aero I used to own that I really regret selling! 

    Sorry for the long text but I hope it answers your question. 

  4. 4 hours ago, JohnM said:


    Looks great.  What Aero model is that and how do you like it?

    thanks mate, it is a premier range 1930's half belt in brown heavy FQHH, I had some length added and talon zippers fitted. I love this jacket, I used to have a aero 50's half belt but I was never a fan of how the shoulders looked, it was also lined in alpaca which meant I could only wear it on cold days (not many of those in London) but this one I had lined in cotton drill and have successfully worn it in the summer (on the motorbike) as well as milder autumn and winter days and it has been fine in lower temps too with a shirt under it! The fit of the premier jackets is very neat in the shoulders and the collar is a vast improvement on aero's standard collars in my opinion. This one is a keeper.

  5. Hey guys, does anyone have experience with the standard 21oz sammys? Is it similar in feel to the 19oz zero denim? I have had the 510s in 24oz left hand twill denim before (limited model) they were very different to the standard 19oz 710s I have. 

  6. 13 minutes ago, Cold Summer said:

    Nice collection. Those diamond-shaped Talon zipper pulls are by far my favorite for leather jackets.

    Me too mate, i specified talon for the main zip and the pocket zip. 

  7. 12 minutes ago, Flash said:

    You'll loose a toe going out like that ...

    Lounging around the house today so no need for shoes, plus my boots are hardly sufu approved (altberg tabbing boots) fugly shoes seem to be the norm at the moment! ;-) 

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