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  1. lemmywinks

    What are your favorite denim brands and why?

    really interesting replies! I guess I'm the only one stuck on those original brands hahaha I do really like what TCB has been doing, also quite fond of Warehouse. But I guess I still have nostalgia for some of those original hyped brands like Momotaro and PBJ. Also very interesting to see the sort of divergent paths people have taken. In some of the Facebook groups a lot of people are still very into the heavyweight stuff.
  2. I know this is normally a "small questions thread" but this community isn't what it once was so I would love to talk to the people who still browse here. I reckon the people that still come here are relatively old school denim heads as there's quite a few different denim communities now than there were before (reddit, facebook groups, instagram, etc.,) For me I'm probably sticking to the Japanese brands that I've known about since I started browsing superfuture and learning about raw denim. My 3 favorite brands are probably Momotaro, Pure Blue Japan, and Studio D'Artisan. Although I don't actually own jeans from Momotaro I own their jackets and accessories and I like their details like the pink selvedge as well as the battle stripes - captures a little bit of the Evisu painted stripes in a more understated way. I love Pure Blue Japan for their fabrics - again, ironically I don't own a pair but everytime I try on their pants I am quite impressed. Also quite like their logo and how it's incorporate onto their jeans. Studio D'Artisan I'm also a fan of, I think they nail the repro stuff. Honorable mentions to Sugar Cane and LVC. Sugar Cane for affordable price points, Levi's for being the original.
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