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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just got a pair of pure blue japan xx-005s one wash , awesome denim.

    I would like to know if it is true that the fact that it has been washed once means that the denim won't fade at all/or like a regular raw denim ?

    I think the fading will still come in fine. It seems like everybody here soaks their jeans before wearing them anyway right? I think one wash just gets rid of any inconspicuous sizing problems you might encounter.

  2. Every year around this time or during the summer, there always seems to be a group of people who get 710s, it's been like this since I started lurking here, even in the old thread too..

    It's pretty awesome, I'm expecting some insane evolution pics soon ;) 710s fade relatively fast compared to other types of denim

    Haha well other than my crappy UO Unbranded skinnies, these will be my first pair of raw jeans ever.

    I lurked here almost every minute for the past two days going back and forth between which jeans to buy, and i finally decided on these. Here's to hoping they fit..

  3. Style? Cut? Price range? I mean, you'll get a thousand different answers to that question that'll leave you even more wondering...

    I would advise either LVC 505 or Lee Z, both raw. Why? Excellent quality, modern fit/cut yet vintage spirit, affordable, raw state but no sizing fuzz, excellent fading//distressing, reasonable pricing.

    $300 max, but that's pushing it

    I'm a pretty slim guy, so a slim straight style would probably work best

    I was looking into Pure Blue Japan XX-005...

  4. Couple pics after ~8 months of occasional wear (didn't wear them much at first because I needed to lose a bit of weight)

    Showered in them once and hang dried. Thinking about machine washing to brighten them up a bit.



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