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  1. Maybe it’s just selfedge has different measuring techniques, but it seems like the thighs are a bit more generous in the NP-019 model, compared to the other lighter weight ones. 

  2. Do y'all think Eternal will ever make a relaxed tapered variety? I really miss wearing my 811. They were coming along so well but I just grew too much in the top block. 

  3. Relaxed taper fam! Anyone have suggestions for something from PBJ they've liked that won't be too bad as temps warm up here in hot/dry Utah?

    Considering the  NP-019 17OZ or XX-18OZ-019

  4. Why does the S211VX Benkei model not exist in like any discussion on the internet? The measurements on this pair seem nice, and the weight is just what I'm looking for but I can only find a few mentions on the internet and only one fit pic from a reddit thread. Anyone here own these?


    I'm on the fence between these and the S520, but didn't want 21oz. 

  5. [PRICE DROP 6/3] Iron Heart 633s-14, Sz. 30x30 (Chainstitched)

    Only worn a couple times around the house. Thought I could make them fit, but alas, they're just too small for me :( I removed the tags already, but still have the receipt.

    If you have a 31 in this indigo pair or 32 in the OD version, I'd consider a trade. Otherwise, just a straight sell.


    They were purchased from Self Edge and chainstitched to 30" for $310 total shipped, so a bit of a discount here.

    Measurements are exactly as listed on the selfedge page here: https://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1596&search=Iron+Heart+633s-14&description=1

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  6. Man...I sold my Gibson MA-1 earlier this year because it was the Japanese slim version and just didn't fit me in the shoulders.

    So I finally got the money to re-buy the jacket, but this time went for the classic Olive version from TAKE OFF on Rakuten. When it arrived I tried it on and it felt just like my Gibson one. Turns out it's the slim version and they don't accept returns :(

    They barely mentioned it anywhere on the page that it was the slim version too. I'm so miffed. 

  7. Do you mean the Cone indigo miners from a couple years ago? I'm pretty sure that fabric was discontinued by Cone unfortunately.

    Ah that's a huge bummer. Absolutely love my pair and they are the best fitting pants I own. What about other selvage miner trousers?

  8. Well this isn't denim, but I want some opinions from my denim brudders


    Which coat is more practical/sexy/versatile for fall/winter? I live in one of, if not the snowiest metropolitan city in the world.


    I normally wear shirt/tie/sportcoat for work every day, but I'd also like to rock it casually with denim on my days off.


    ToJ Duffle



    Nigel Cabourn Storm Parka


  9. Well then, I stand corrected. I guess I should be a little more informed/critical of shoes I'm spending seven bills on!


    I don't notice these things, or I just don't care enough to look. Makes my pair unique, and I plan to scuff them up and wear them out on my own anyway  :D


    That's interesting to hear about the Chippewa service boot. I am close to getting a pair, toying between them or Oak Street Bootmakers. The OSB in black CXL with commando sole   are beauties. I quite like the beckman or beckman wingtips although I feel the OSB are higher quality?


    I was really considering those OSB trench boots in natty cxl, but it seems like the toe box is really wide and tends to duck bill with wear. I don't know how I feel about that. Maybe the cap toe would look nicer, but they don't make that with a non-leather sole iirc.

  10. Anyone with the waxed stadium jacket can give me some fit advice?


    I got a small, and it fits like a glove. So glovelike in fact, that layering it with more than a thin shirt or hoodie will be fairly difficult. 


    I'm wondering if the sleeve openings will stretch out at all, because right now they're very tight, almost blocking circulation to my hands hahaha.

  11. I think they are sanforized, they seem to be the same lot no as these at BiG (0605-18) and have similar measurements:


    The main difference and therefore 'exclusive' element to Blue Owl seems to be the GTB pocket stripes and a $55 cheaper price tag!


    Thanks, that's reassuring. I think I'll just wear them raw then. Might get a little fade shifting when I finally decide to soak, but that's not a big deal to me.

  12. Alden def. resides in that realm between dress and casual very well.  I dont mean to knock them, as Im happily wearing my rough out indy's with zero regret.  I just get a bit miffed at the relatively recent price hike many "Heritage" brands are enjoying, but still letting the typical QC things pass.  Shit, even Whites is blowing it on that regard some of the time.  In a perfect world, these "heritage" brands would step up their game as their prices rise.


    You can't really draw such conclusions off of just the Indy boot. It's one of their 'lower end' models and doesn't speak for the rest of their offerings. I frequent the Alden thread over on Styleforum, and I rarely see any issues with QC unless the buyer purchased their shoes from a retailer like J Crew who have very lenient to nonexistent try-on policies.


    Most other Alden resellers are extremely strict about try-ons and won't accept returns if there is the slightest evidence of damage or creasing to the shoes. You can't really blame Alden as a company for these QC issues, since they really have no control over the shittier resellers like J Crew. If you wan't quality, buy from a quality re-seller or straight from a store like Alden of Carmel or SF.

  13. Alden doesnt  scream craftsmanship though.  Yes they are well made but in the price point they reside, I feel they should tighten up their QC.  I think the RedWing boot with the commando sole, whatever its called now, is a "better" buy.  Dont get me wrong, I love my Indy's and like you said, they will last so at some point the extra cost gets covered by longevity.  That said, we get really meta on these kinds of things.  Your average consumer will buy some Aldens and be pleased beyond belief with their style, construction etc.  Its the maniacs like us who notice minute QC things and bitch about it online :)


    Red Wing makes a great boot don't get me wrong, but I guess I should have mentioned that I need a shoe that can be worn casually and also dressed up for work. Alden is one of the few that can comfortably straddle that line and thus provide a little more versatility than a typical workboot.


    That said, I'm MUCH more apt to spend my money on Alden's shell cordovan offerings than their chromexcel, though I do have a pair of Natural CXL longwings and Color 8 longwings and I absolutely adore them. Shell cordovan is truly fantastic stuff. I may just end up finding a nice shell boot with commando sole instead.

  14. Consensus seems to be the Aldens. Cheers, I'll give them a shot.


    Both are overpriced for what they are. 


    Saying that - Alden. 

    I agree they're expensive, but can you show me a cheaper boot with equal quality and craftsmanship, and a 'commando' or equivalent sole? Alden shoes last a very very long time, so factoring in the amount of use they see, the price is negligible. 

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