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  1. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    lol yet another ... http://www.4dimensionapparel.com/product/tt-1b
  2. http://slcouple.com/
  3. 116740 APPROVED SHOES

    I've got the first iteration of these and they are in no way suitable for rain or snow lol. Dunno where you got that idea. They're stretchy and comfy and I'd only ever wear them in dry conditions.
  4. Acronym.

    bro do you have downs or something? I feel like you're a few chromosomes short lol Quit tryna act like some internet tough guy, you ain't even own any acronym broke boy
  5. Acronym.

    Mmmm I recall seeing J25-WS a lot for $300 actually, pre-Nike boom. My only experience with Acronym in Japan was at Eliminator. The SA's were definitely the most smug lookin bunch out of any of the Tokyo shops I went to (not that I cared) but the funny thing was that there was a group of normal looking Japanese women (young and old) that were all over the Acronym they had on stock. Marveling over the zips and pockets and details. Had no idea what they were saying though

    Definitely detachable, but I don't think you'll be putting the flaps in the pocket unless you want to look like you've got a brain tumor or something. I agree tho, the cap is the only thing I'm going to be buying if I get the chance to snag one.
  7. unban JMATSU this instant!

    sschadenfreude is woogie aka woogle cmon dawg
  8. Urban Techwear

    The shoes in the pic are the same shoes from the previous page right? They look pretty damn awful with the strap undone lol ... (I'm pretty sure they're the same because you can see the edge of the 'A' in the first pic with the strap done up. Knew they would never make an ACG piece without slapping on a huge ACG somewhere lol
  9. Acronym.

    also, be honest, am I the only one that has to google some of the acronym acronyms sometimes? lol As much as I nerd out about this stuff sometimes I just have no idea what a j69-sz is (or more likely, I don't remember) and I gotta google it for reference.
  10. Bags, backpacks, duffles, messenger, slings, etc.

    meh, GG's stuff is very very derivative of other brands though (nom de guerre rip, acronym, etc.) I wouldn't really call that design and style. No hate to beef thang, I know he's an OG and all, but I wouldn't use those terms to describe their stuff lol. Funnily enough, I do have the og ndg paratroopers still. Can't fit them at all, and they're probably in a bin somewhere but I won't sell em because they're basically a treasure at this point.
  11. Acronym.

    What's funniest to me is y'all keep track of what each other do on grailed or other forums or whatever If I saw any of your usernames somewhere else it wouldn't even click for me unless you are one of the old heads or somethin
  12. Acronym.

    Same thing for me yesterday... the limitedness definitely contributes to wanting to buy, meh Found the j61 over at Bodega for $970 and I pulled the trigger
  13. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I know that sufu is basically kinda like the wild wild west at this point and bumping/posting etiquette has probably gone to the wayside, but do you really have to post this again when your last post was 9 hours ago and only like 5 posts up? Have some decency and common sense fella, just edit your previous post
  14. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J61-WS in size L thanks!
  15. Acronym.

    Am I missing something, I've gone back 20 pages, why's there no love for the j61-ws? Hardly a mention of it even... Is it because it's so barebones? I remember the j25-ws used to get a ton of love whenever it came around.