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  1. Hey Super Denim,


      I am looking for blown out workwear for a project I am doing. Looking for anything work or techwear, jeans, jackets, sweat shirts and t-shirts that are worn out beyond typical repair. I am willing to pay. Dm me if your are interested.

  2. Hey quick interest check, I have a M sized WS-J25 that I am to fat for now. If anyone is interested in trading for a size L let me know. Might be interested in other trades as well. It comes with the sling and the carabiner, no bag or spec sheet. Lightly worn. I will post some pictures when I am back at my house. 

  3. Hey Everyone,


     I am looking for the 3rd arm sun glass attachment, I don't know the "Name" or should I say number of this piece but I know it exists because my friend sent me a link from Grailed. Unfortunately sold out when I tried to buy it. Let me know if anyone out there wants to part with theirs.

  4. Just wait and you'll get one when it gets listed on the ACRNM.COM web store - see video ss14 1:15

    kill 2 birds with one stone ! 

    you get your jacket 

    we stop getting spammed !!!


    everybody wins ;)


    Hahaha yes def sounds like a win win. My tech wear life will finally be complete!

  5. I am really bummed to hear that they Kerin cut dungarees are discontinued. I was like a day away from pulling the trigger. Any idea how they compare the slim version. I don't want my full thighs and giant calf's to look like sausages. 

  6. Is that a watch on his arm? Looks pretty sweet. Would love to know more about it!


    FS: Acronym P11-CH (5 pocket)

    Color: Petrol
    Size: Large

    Only worn 3 times. Includes original bag and spec sheet. Bought from acronym directly.

    PRICE: $420 shipped (+40 for Intl. express)


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342