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  1. X-post from Obbi Good Label's thread


    I can understand that many still do not understand the properties of vegetable-tanned leathers. They are often surprised by the darkening from pure creamy white, natural state.
    Here is another good one for you – A used 9981 Olive Messenger Bag as compare to the new one.
    Yes, the darkening of the natural leather is ‘severe’. I applied Huberd’s oil twice in my 4 months of usage. I hope I have captured the softness of the leather correctly. You can click on the pics and enlarge them.
    The back is stain by the raw denim I wear most of the time. The ‘flesh’ of the leather has smoothen out without the hairy initial feel. Leather strap is soften to flexible and real easy on shoulder.
    Using it daily to work, commuting in motorcycle, the bag went through some heavy downpour, tropical humid sunlight with heavy storage of files, EDC, sunglasses, MP3 …etc. The duck canvas faded faster than I expected. with horizontal fading vividly showing up.
  2. Im tempted…all this contest buzz makes me want to pull the trigger on a pair of Eternals.  Been almost a year since I picked up my mbb so Im due.  Going to Malaysia this spring though and hoping I can find some nice denim in Singapore…hopefully.

    Drop by Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies in Singapore when you are able, Sir.



    Dec 2013 update.

    After a few weeks of wearing, like I said on the journal, I find absolute no reason not to wear this daily (unless washing...)



  3. Hmmm... yes, Marti, I would certainly encourage you to continue wearing it. The legs fit looks good and proper, except for the waist. 

    For 2 days of wearing after soaking, I think this pair stretches fast. The denim is fantastic and it should be a good pair to keep.


    So, here's mine measurements. http://tuckshoprailnews.com/2013/11/29/ues-contest-post-wash-fit-400z/


    Hot soak and cold machine washed. It seems weird as it looks like it shrinks just a little base on the numbers. I am quite sure I have measured them properly BiG style. However, the fit is definitely trimmed down after soak. Anyway, the fit pic.










  4. Thanks b_F, I feel the same about this model too :) I believe it should trim down post soak.


    @spacey, we do have some shirts and t-shirts from UES. However the shirts were sold out as soon as they landed in Singapore....

    Check them out from our website. Please send Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies an email if you have more questions :) Let's keep this a pure contest thread and UES informations section. ;)

  5. Just to join in the topic, we did a photoshoot for Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies this week and here a reference of how 400Z will be like.








    It is very loose on me, 1.7m, 75kg. I was wearing a tag 32.

    High waist and I am liking this as it is a good alternative to other jeans which I have.


    Please take note, this is not my contest pair. Mine is yet to arrive from UES as I am following all rules and guidelines by ordering through UES direct even though we carry UES....


  6. What I did today and thought might as well show it :)



    There are times where the 'inner lace' of your Red Wing shoelace jut out in between the 'outer lace'. Here is a little trick that you can use to draw it back into the lace.
    Use the tip of your thumb, drag the lace from tip to tip. Basically, trying to pull the inner part from outside. Do it a few times.
    Disclaimer : Most of the time it works, however, there are some that are beyond pulling.


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