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  1. mad shatter fucking brilliant.

    on a similar note.. (not something "I Hate...") I remember hearing about a girl who took a shit in the sink in the girl's bathroom. her justification was also that it was the end of the year. no nicknames ensued...

    ftw the girl looked something like these two.


  2. I currently live in Uppsala, Sweden.

    Population of around 190,000 and around 25,000 university students. Definitely a university-city. Coming from Canada, everything here is expensive, especially going out to eat/drink/shop. However, the interesting/unique aspect of the city/university is that there are 13 'nations' (think fraternity but not quite) which all have their own clubs/pubs/restaurants that are considerably cheaper than anywhere else. Uppsala is only a forty minute train ride to Stockholm which makes for easy getaways because it can get boring at times. The bus system is competent and walking is just as easy, it really depends on laziness. The university buildings are scattered throughout town which is a nice change from the typical Canadian style of one big campus. Other than going out almost every night to a club/pub there really isn't much to do, but life could be worse.

    It would be a great place for university but I couldn't see myself trying to stay longer than that.

  3. in Vancouver people are morons with the skytrain. shit goes a lot smoother if the people exiting are allowed to exit and THEN the people get on. but noooo they just get all pushy.

    I also hate giving up my seat to people who clearly are not old enough to be in the age demographic where giving up a seat is the polite thing to do but still act as if they were. if you are in your forties and I am sitting down, first come first serve still fucking applies.

  4. step 1) building on redX: use the printer to print out a picture OR somehow transfer the picture onto some sort of portable electronic device (like a smart phone, iPod, iPhone, laptop, iPad, iPed etc.)

    step 2) take visual imagery to a trained professional and indicate your desire for said haircut.

    step 3) inquire about which product would be best for you.

    repeat process when/if you want to change hairstyles.

  5. _x0eyNkNpL0

    I was browsing through the what are you reading thread and into the rain linked this video. I was really excited to watch it but the dude can't stop playing with his nose/sniffling/pulling his shirt, just generally fidgeting making it impossible to watch. Is he on something?

  6. I have been trying to get through this. Hitchens is very candid about his life, especially his formative years. It is interesting to read about the later half of the twentieth century through his particular chain of events.


    and I just ordered this to have with me while I travel. I am not sure what to expect but a friend recommended it to me and we have similar ideologies so I figured it would be worth a read.


  7. it is annoying when websites disable the right click (or two finger click on a mac) to try and prevent image 'theft'. It's called command and click fuckers. i stole it anyways.

  8. I was working one day and this old man had a stroke in the cafe. Just started drooling all over himself. It was a fucked up situation, especially because my boss made sure we acted like it was business as usual (which I partly understand as it is a business, but fuck, dude's brain momentarily had a lapse of blood flow).

    Also, when I was younger, I was at a bank withdrawing money and the clerk had a seizure and collapsed, hitting her head on the counter. Someone rushed to help her, and again, dude steps to the counter, business as usual and gets me my cash.

    Also, was at a store in my hometown, looked out the window and saw some dude running out of the mall being chased by, I think, undercover mallcops. Ran straight out into the street and BANG got hit by a bus. Cracked the windshield of the bus. Always wondered what went/(continues to go?) through the mind of the busdriver. Wasn't his fault or anything but still shitty.

  9. I think I am more inclined to tip a tattoo artist because I legitimately want to. Especially if, as superbeveridge said, you get pumped in line and/or are treated in an exceptional manor. Tipping servers is completely cultural, unfortunately, because people should get gratuity for doing a good/exceptional job - not because its customary.

    I like when shops have signs saying "tipping is not a place in Taipei"

  10. I kind of agree with aak. It could very well be more of a cultural thing to tip? I am not sure, but I assume most artists pay a percentage of their hourly rate to the shop. In that respect a tip can be a nice gesture, but they still make a good hourly wage (which, if they are good, they obviously deserve) even if they aren't the shop owner. Most of my tattoo's have been around the 2-4 hour range and I usually just tip $50.

  11. I'm curious if I will be required to spend any significant amount of time in (at?) Canadian Customs? I have never been out of the country for an extended period of time before.

  12. my exchange in Sweden is coming to an end and I am becoming really apprehensive about moving back to Canada. It sounds really corny but I have made a few really good friendships with people who I may never see again or see very rarely. I have zero responsibility here and school has been a fraction of the work I am used to. I am not complaining about my time here, I just know it will be hard as fuck to adjust to life back home.

  13. I just got my shoes from Oak Street. Construction appears to be solid and I think the shoe looks great. However, there seems to be a fair amount of room around the ankle causing my heels to slip. They don't come right out of the shoe but it is still enough to notice. It happens with bare feet and with socks. It has been a long time since I have worn boatshoe-esque footwear so maybe my old sebago's did the same thing and I didn't notice? Has anyone encountered this? I really don't think I should have sized down to a 9.5, I don't wear 9.5 in anything else except some Yuketen Chukka's.

    I am not shitting on Oak Street btw.

  14. talking to someone and seeing something on their face or lodged in their gums/between teeth. It is always an inner conflict deciding to inform or not. In hindsight, I think it's a good way to establish a better relationship with someone if you can just say 'yo, you have some seeds in your teeth.'

  15. writing a final exam a week ago. school uses warehouses lined with desks. washroom was co-ed. I go in, sit down to number 2 and of course a girl comes in and sits in the stall right next to me. that's superfuckingawkward. I knew it was a girl because in a stealth like manor I dipped my head down to inspect the shoes. if it was a dude, no problem, but I just couldn't let it out with her next to me. all I end up doing is taking a piss.

  16. just wear long sleeves until you pass your probation period (if you have one). less hassle. unless interviewee has an aforementioned teardrop then you probably don't have to worry about discrimination.

  17. Where my retail brothers at? FUCK

    Working closing shifts at starbuks. I want to go home. Get a lid on your shit and take your date back to your place and maybe get laid.

    Working opening shifts at starbuks. People need their early morning fix and hover around the locked door peering in watching like vultures, checking their watches. Really uncomfortable trying to get a store organized when some nutter is lurking.


  18. I have a few questions that people might be able to help me with.

    First, I found a post towards the beginning that showed a large amount of fabric swatches. Would these still be current? Second, how have people chosen their fabrics, some of them are incredibly similar. I am interested in the 02 cut, but I feel that the rise might be a bit too long, is it possible to have it shortened? I was unsure to what extent they mean semi-custom.

    thanks in advance!


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