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  1. re: hitting a parked car

    When I was younger I slid around a corner (it was icy, winter in Canadian prairies concept) and hit a parked truck (old ass beater). It was literally a 5km/h collision - it was seriously in slow motion. I was in a new vehicle and I fucked up my bumper and didn't leave a mark on the dudes truck. Lame ass.

  2. I think its completely legit to ask how much and how long (even if just rough estimates)

    You even said you wanna know how much cash to bring and all the places I have been to are cash only so it just makes sense.

    As far as a a sketch... I think it depends on the artist because I have three pieces (that fill up my forearm) and the guy drew them up that morning so it wasn't really a possibility. I think that's the way he roles cuz my gf and some other friends have all had similar experiences. However, I think those things should all be cleared up when you book an appointment. Just ask questions man, no one is going to hate you for wanting to know what's up.

  3. i've done that shit before. Closed at a coffee shop - leaving at 10:30/45 and have to open the next morning at 6. Sometimes they would schedule me for a Sunday close and I would have to be up at 4am (work at 5am) for my Mon-Fri warehouse job.

    shit sucked horribly

  4. in the elevator with the lady to go for a walk. just goofin around and she is bent over pushin her booty around. I start spanking her saying loudly, "spank that juicy booty" (as if I had 'swag'). Elevator abruptly stops at the floor underneath ours and the door opens revealing an extremely large old man. He walks in with the dirtiest smirk on his old perv face - clearly heard me. Out of all the stupid shit I have said and done, that was probably the most awkward.

  5. Kiya is that dude everyone loves to hate on.

    Ya his comments come off as dickish but has anyone browsed through this site? Making dickish comments is standard operating procedure. People shouldn't be so set back because of comments JUST because it is from Kiya.

    Anyways, it seems odd that you can get a cordovan wallet for 150 and re: Jackandjoke, I also think that it is foolish to say that these wallets are on a higher quality than Flat Head or Iron Heart. It is these ignorant comments that shit up a message board even more than a Shit Flies comment.

    That comment about fucking with a dudes livelihood.. If the guy is selling shit, or saying something is cordovan and it isn't, he deserves to be called out. Same way that people feel the need to call out Kiya and throw sand in his face with some Blue in Green references. You probably really hurt his feelings. Every business impacts someones livelihood. I have owned and handled different wallets frequently mentioned on these threads as well as made my own leather goods. It is really apparent that quality takes time and attention to detail but material costs obviously come into play. Where/how is he getting cordovan so cheap that it only marginally changes the price in his product? I am not talking shit about angelos livelihood, just asking questions.

    It is understandable to WANT kiya to justify his opinions, and he always does when asked. Most people keep their thoughts well articulated but some of you get your panties bunched up tight and need to fucking relax.

  6. what dovo said...

    .10 cents for a pack of ketchup. what the fuck. and they tell you that shit after you paid with your debit card and you've gone through the first window already ordering your stuff. I'm pretty sure its standard procedure to have ketchup with fucking fries, hot sauce with tacos and fuck you mcdonalds I dip my mcnuggets in honey so Ill have some of that too.

  7. no hate.

    well maybe a bit of dickish-ness but,

    is there a vegan guidebook?

    I thought being vegan was about the food you ate but it always seems to come across so outlandish. You aren't eating your jeanz right? Virtually everything we consume damages the earth in some way along the production cycle - especially computers. (I say virtually because I can't actually say with confidence that ALL products, but I assume its pretty close to all products.)

    The metal on the zippers/buttons have to be created from plastic or metal, either has a negative footprint on the environment blah blah blah

    /pointless rant

    I really agree with OkayOkay. My gf is vegetarian and it made me reduce my meat intake and eat more consciously. Don't change for other people, but it definitely isn't a bad thing if people open you up to personal growth. Just buy one or two pairs of denim instead of 10 (if that's your thing). I think conscious consumption goes along way - not just for eating.

  8. I remember going through some dudes personal blog. He did really nice traditional stuff. Forgot to bookmark the site and I forgot his name. Obviously that isn't enough to figure it out but from what I recall, the guy was straightedge and did some straightedge tattoos and he was american.

    any ideas?

  9. I just got back home after being away for six months and I am beyond broke. I want to go hunt for a job but I am going to visit my family at the beginning of August for two weeks making me a pretty undesirable candidate. This is the first time I haven't had a job since the age of 15 and it feels weird. It's nice to have a break from the responsibility but it's pretty difficult to match spending with earning (especially when earning = 0).

  10. so many people have absolutely no sidewalk etiquette. Either, groups of people walk side-by-side making it superawkward to navigate past them. Or, people fail to use their umbrella in a way that takes into consideration other people walking by.

  11. I was at my buddies uni in Graz needing to take a piss. wasn't paying attention at all and just went into the first bathroom looking door. Wait no, I was taking a number 2. Anyways, as I open the door a women comes in and looks at me, steps back, looks at the female sign on the door, stairs at me again. All I could say was: "I'm not from around here."


  12. forget if I already said this but I hate when toilets have those autoflush sensors. They always seem to be acting against me, flushing at the slightest amount of bodily squirming causing water to spray up. gross.

  13. I agree with dovo and okonomi. I deactivated my facefuck account almost four years ago. It gets annoying every time someone says: "add me on facebook" and I have to explain that I don't have it. My homies would be checking facebook on their iPhones while taking shits. At the beginning it was cool to see all the CWGs though. I would say that people spend way to much time on facebook but I spend a lot of time curing boredom by being on sufu, especially during uni. I like the idea of facebook, or what it could be, a means of maintaining relationships (especially with people too far to visit in any regular way). After spending time abroad I can see how it can be beneficial, however I will probably just use email.

  14. I used to eat uncooked instant noodles like these:


    but most often I had the cheaper grocery store brand.

    It was really tasty with that MSG seasoning. Not sure if they really taste like chicken/pork/beef/shrimp etc. but they all taste different than one another.

    To get on topic, I lost my deodorant in a room that is only 18 square meters, what the fuck.

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