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  1. Skip it...

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Story time.

    For my major I have to pass with two 200 (second year) Uni courses in the same language (the first of which I am starting in September). This also meant that I had to take two first year courses as pre-reqs. ALSO, it had been seven years since I had last done any french in school. So, although I perform fairly well in school, french rapes my average. It means I am unable to get into the Honour's program and I am starting to get worried that the low marks will fuck my chances for getting into a Master's program.

    I figured if I plowed through Rosetta Stone in the next few weeks and continuing it during the beginning of school that it will help me out in class. I can see how it wouldn't really make someone fluent but it is a lot better than staring at a textbook.

    Does anyone have any helpful ideas for working on picking up a language?

  2. I am unemployed. I fucking hate it. I like having some free time to start reading but I really would like to have some income.

    I hope some (coffee)shops give me a ring-a-ling in the next few days.

  3. at uni so i am back to reading academic essays/journals that interest me in my leisure time!


    I usually nerd out on journal articles but lately (and because of checking this thread) I have felt the need to start exploring more literature. In school I am always reading about war/killing/genocide etc. so it is nice to take the time to read something not as serious.

    mind you I just finished American Psycho and will be starting The Road so I can't say I totally escape the themes I study in school.

    re: American Psycho.

    The book was 100% more intense than the movie. I think the scene towards the beginning with the bum/dog was the most gut wrenching. Christian Bale captured Bateman's character and I couldn't help but visualize him while reading. I am not sure what to make about the part towards the end where the prose switches to third person. Could this be another part of Bateman talking or is it the same Bateman just referring to himself in the third-person?

  4. yo dovo,

    Hope things go ok with the dog.

    My momz just spent $6000 on surgery for our two year old puppy.

    Took a huge chunk out of her retirement payout and I don't think I will be getting those grocery gift cards for a while.

    I love the dog so I could care less I guess.

  5. i hate how bitches always gotta be scented...

    this is the truth. then they want crazy scented every-fucking-thing. this 'scented everything' is called bath and body works and it is torture. apple spice cinnamon melon nectar candle and christmas time birthday cake peach cobbler hand sanitizer and etc ad inifitum

    I don't mind a particular scent. if you keep everything else unscented and stick with something simple, not this mash up of everything under the sun.

  6. On that closing work tip.

    Man I fuckin hate motherfuckers that dont want to leave the store when it closes.

    I remember one night I was closing at a coffee shop. We always give people a 10 minute warning just so they know whats up. However, this woman comes in probably 5 minutes to closing. She (a very aggressive short haired thicker woman) gets a cup of coffee and sits down and starts reading the news paper. Sweeping the cafe I walk up to her and let her know we would be closing soon. Not even a break in her concentration, she keeps reading the paper and doesn't even acknowledge me. Not going to lie, I usually like confrontation but her presence was a bit more than I wanted to deal with that night so I just let her do her thing. We finally close and everyone is KINDLY leaving but she just stays. I go up and inform her of the time and that she had to leave etc. I had to keep repeating myself because she refused to acknowledge me. She puts the paper down and looks into my eyes and says: "I'm going to sit here and keep reading the paper". I don't think she did voodoo or mind control on me, but it definitely had the effect. I was so confused (or frightened by her demeanor) that I just let her sit there. She left maybe 10 minutes later. Fucking scary woman(sort of manly).

    Long story short. I ALSO fucking hate when people don't get the fuck out when stores close.

  7. people idolize bateman?

    I think I will pick up the book because I thought the movie was done well and I want to start reading more fiction. The mind of a sociopath/psychopath (whatever is the correct term) is obviously a very interesting area but I wonder how accurate an (assumingly) non-socio/psychopath can truly capture the inner workings of the mind.

  8. question for people who have read American Psycho and seen the movie.

    In the movie when bateman doesn't kill his secretary he shows what seems to be a legit sense of sympathy or self doubt. Something as though he doesn't want to kill her. I don't know if that makes any sense, but he just acts with more emotion or at least Bale portrays it that way. Anyways, how is this conveyed in the book? Is it worth reading the book? Does it convey much more than the movie?

    Also, did anyone get the impression that Bale was acting similar (but in a really fucked up way) to Jim Carrey (especially in Ace Ventura)?

  9. I have this Filson bag but want to remove the handles and put on longer straps to make it longer like the picture below. As long as I use some good heavy thread, reattaching the new handles shouldn't be a problem?

    And on another note, does anyone have any straps that are 1 1/4'' (I think) and could be dyed the proper color? Get at me through PM with cost involved.



  10. ^

    "keep your pussy in check and hide the prize, it's all about balance"

    why not just show me your pussy.

    well maybe not you specifically, but generally. the pussy is the end goal so why not just stop wasting time and cut to the chase.

  11. ...from Trader Joes? That company is owned by Aldi, they're fucking outrageously well off. Who cares?
    don't snitch

    I think sycamore's playground rules make more sense than "they are rich so stealing is ok."

    All businesses at some point were small mom'n'pop shops so at what point does it become morally right or excusable or justifiable to steal? When they are publicly traded? When they reach X amount of profit?

    You could have said that private property is a feature of the wretched capitalist system and you are trying to subvert it one theft at a time.

    Why can't stealing just be wrong* and people not find ways trying to justify it.

    *except maybe for life and death situations such as during natural disasters

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