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  1. What's the consensus on t-level bags? Looking at the 25l ethnic print joint. Can't get the mstrpiece because the store is out of stock for my preferred colorway.


    I would definitely recommend T-Level.

    I love mine, I have the Challenger in grey. It has been my school bag and my travel bag throughout Europe.

  2. anyone here sweat a lot?

    I am sick of people asking: "do you wear antiperspirant or just deodorant?"

    Fuck if I am telling you I sweat profusely then assume I have tried out anti-fucking-perspirant.

    Anyways. I can't tell if it is a psychological thing (I have anxiety a lot) or if it is worth looking into botox (to stop my pits from sweating). Anyone have it or know people that have it in their pits?

  3. I understand that most of this thread is dedicated to fiction but unfortunately my focus of study requires me to spend a lot of time reading academic journals. Anyways, I have been doing some preliminary reading, nothing to in depth, about commodification (in general and specifically to do with experiences, the body, and nature), human rights (the distinctions between 'capitalist' and 'socialist' rights) and the relationship between property rights and the state.

    I am really intrigued with the commodification literature but I need to tie it into my political sociology class hence property rights and the state.

  4. obviously I don't know your situation any more than what you disclose to the message board. but if you are surrounded by at least some people (with at least as much or more stability than yourself) you shouldn't discount or forget the benefits of talking to people. It doesn't have to be a councilor/psychologist/psychiatrist, just family or friends. It is definitely good to get support from a number of avenues such as sufu (as funny as it sounds) but people in your life are better informed about 'you' than most of us. Sharing your experiences with people (especially if they can be objective) can really help reduce the weight of your problems. I said it before and it might sound fucking corny but we are social animals, we can't get through life in isolation so I think it is worth opening up to people.

    it sounds like you have a bunch of 'fires' burning and you need to get some under control, some put out, and need reinforcements for the rest. You can't be expected to have all the tools to deal on your own with mounting problems. So if at all possible don't.

  5. okayokay...

    are you bummed about actual things taking place in your life or are you bummed and have no reason to be? I'm pretty sure that is pretty big distinguishing factor. From my understanding, being sad/anxious for seemingly no reason is more along the lines of clinical depression - a constant state. It's pretty difficult to always shrug off the hard shit life throws at us so if you start slipping once and a while that is completely natural.

    and about people nowadays.. individualism/self-interest is the devil

  6. re: Koala

    you felt bad for a week because you called some dude, dude?

    I opened an umbrella in front of a flock of seagulls (alright maybe they were pigeons) and they dispersed into a crowd of people. that didn't even make me feel bad.

    however, I had a similar experience working at starbucks. black guy comes in (race becomes relevant eventually) and I say: "hey bud what can I get for you?"

    dude: "did you just call me bud?"

    me: "ummmm, yep? Is there a problem with me calling you bud?"

    (I have an attitude as soon as people act cunty)

    dude: "yeah actually there is, as an African American I find it extremely offensive"

    me: puzzled ass look

    me: "ummm I don't know what to say, sorry?"

    dude: "maybe you should just watch how you address people"

    me: "alright, have a nice day DUDE"

    turns out - unless my manager was a lying twat - bud has some subjugating element to it along the lines of the (n) word that 'my generation' is unaware of. Needles to say I called most people bud making that situation superawkward.

  7. people who walk four side-by-side and don't move. worse than a couple who won't de-couple.

    I hate that I have no study skills. I can't memorize anything. If I understand a concept I can go on forever about it but when it comes to memorizing french vocabulary. fml. I must come across so slow to all the 19/20 year old kids who took french immersion from k-12.


  8. I went to a movie alone the other night, thought I would feel superawkward. Always would see people alone and think 'that sucks they are alone', the fuck was I thinking. I liked going to a movie alone.

  9. I think people undervalue philosophy. logic/ethics/aesthetics are all major components of philosophy and all are pretty valuable to big business/law/government. I don't think people can get by 'thinking' like Plato and the other old dudes that phil majors spend their time reading. But I think it is possible to utilize the degree in other useful ways.

  10. not to detract from the Murakami hard-ons but I just read a really interesting article titled 'Deleuzian Capitalism'. Anyone who has tried reading Anti-Oedipus knows how fucking crazy Deleuze is, and the article does a good job at utilizing his theories. It is still a bit of a crazy read but I read it, which is more than I can say for Anti-Oedipus.

    if anyone wants the article hit me up with a PM and your email.

  11. I was always wondering this about Yuketen. They advertise some of their models as being made in Canada (or the USA) so it could be a possibility. I really don't know shit about boot manufacturers but doesn't someone make boots for RRL? Maybe Yuketen just created a brand image giving the impression that everything is made in-house and this isn't actually the case?

  12. I realize the new BiG jeans are 4 button, but they are just spaced a bit further apart (I think). If you look at the rise on the size chart, they don't seem to be that low? I am thinking of getting these but all the talk about the rise is worrying me.

  13. I have a bunch of Reigning Champ from the first/second seasons and they fit a lot different than the stuff now. They weren't baggy by any means but they were roomy. Medium fit me perfect. Then for a while they offered 'slim fit' and 'regular fit' for the same pieces. Eventually everything is just slim now. Medium is really constricting and large is too long in the body/arms. If anything I have lost a bit of weight since the first seasons as well so it isn't me getting fatter.

  14. girls are fucking trouble.

    I hate feeling like shit, knowing eventually I won't feel like shit. It also bugs me that maybe I don't actually feel as shitty as I think and I am convincing myself that I should be upset. I can't tell. Too much thinking.

    bottom line:

    you can't pack up your shit, move away, fuck some dude three weeks later, tell me and then tell me right after you want me back.

  15. whoever was talking about northern europa

    iceland is incredible! the landscape is really different than anything I have seen before. The west coast of Norway is beautiful with all of the fjords and Stockholm is amazing. I found everything better in the summer but northern europe still has its' charm during the winter.

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