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  1. Here is my current EDC.

    I had a Tanner Goods Workman wallet and then I switched to my own various attempts at leather goods. Finally, at least for now I've settled with this 10$ cheapo wallet.

    I also used to carry a Cold Steel Voyager but I've since given it to my gf. Thinking of getting a new blade, deciding between the Endura/Delica/Manix. Any recommendations?


  2. Does anyone own or has anyone seen/tried on a J Crew Covert Twill shirt? The pictures on their website don't do much help. I am wondering if this would be a thick heavy shirt.

    thanks guys,


  3. Hello,

    I would love some advice on sizing for the BIG PBJ 013's. They have a size 29 left and I was wondering if it would be ok for me. I wear 30 in NS, 30 in Sam 710, 30 in 3sixteen. The 29 according to BIG has an actual waist of 32, so with just a hot wash and no hot dry will these shrink and stretch back out enough? Or should I wait for a restock? How much stretch is there with these jeans?

    Thanks for your help

  4. Hey everyone,

    Made this pencil case/pouch a few days ago. Schools about to start and I wanted something to TRY and stay organized. I know its a little large for just pens/pencils but I figure the extra room will allow me to carry other small items instead of simply getting lost in the bottom of my bag.

    The leather is probably 15+ years old, as I found my dads old bag of scraps when he bought it originally to make winter moc-boots. I know there are a few parts that could be cut cleaner to make it more 'finished' but it will serve its purpose well.



  5. Lynn Thompson is a fucktard.


    I almost want to throw my Cold Steel knife in the garbage. It would be so fitting for a bear to tear him apart.

    I hope other knife companies make knives for some other utilitarian purpose other than KILLING and being a WARRIOR.


  6. Thanks for the responses.

    I am stuck between the Quark AA R5, the Quark AA R5 Tactical and a version of the Nitecore D10 with the D2 bulb but not the three mode brightness. I was getting confused with the differences. So I have the following questions.

    With regards to the Quarks...

    1) Can the Tactical still be placed on its end to act as a candle.

    2) Is the only difference the programability?

    With regards to the Quarks vs. D10

    1) What are the main reasons for and against either?

    I think I am leaning towards the Quarks because of the moonlight and also I assume that because it is simply a click switch it will not draw power (I realise it is still minimal) continuously like the D10.

    In general I am also curious about the momentary features of the lights. To switch settings one uses the click button to cycle but is this not the same way of using the momentary option as well?

    I can get the regular Quark locally but would have to get either the tactical or the D10 off of the internet.


  7. Hello,

    Does anyone have any experience with the Nitecore D10 SP? Is this a good buy? I like it because of the 'button' on the back, making it more preferable than some of the others. However, when I spent some time going through the pages I didn't see a lot of them. Is there a reason for this?



  8. I hope this is the relevant thread...

    I picked up an old canvas military rucksack from a surplus store. It is

    very simple with leather straps stitched and or riveted in place. The bag is rather dirty, which is no big deal but it does have what appears to be rust stains. Any ideas on how to clean this up? I plan on removing alot of the leather as it is cracked and torn, with the intent to replace it.

    Also, I can post pictures for those who are interested.


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