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  1. just watched Gattaca for the first time. not a bad movie. I like when sci-fi movies are set in the recent past.

    on another note. I have a car rented for tomorrow until next week. Me and two others are driving from Uppsala, Sweden to the west coast of Norway. I don't own a car back where I live so for the last two years I only get to drive when I am home for a week in summer and during the holidays in December. It will be extremely refreshing to have some freedom. I know driving isn't everything but I personally find it relaxing.

    this is the furthest north city we will be visiting, Ã…lesund.


  2. sometimes I get bummed because I never remember dreams. I say I don't dream and everyone always says that I do, I just don't remember them. What's the difference at the end of the day.

    why do you have to listen to students talk about lucid dreaming?

  3. ^^^^^ good to hear

    Being on exchange means alone time rarely happens other than at the end of the day or in the morning. There is usually an underlying pressure to constantly be doing something.

  4. people who do curls in the squat rack smh

    dude didn't you know you get 10x stronger doing curls with an olympic bar!

    I hate when people excessively grunt and throw weights around as well. I understand sometimes it is necessary, if you are going to failure or something, but usually it isn't necessary and just a vie for attention.

  5. I worked at starbucks and let's be honest, obviously I enjoyed getting tips. At times it would equate to an extra dollar an hour. Even though it isn't much, I am relatively broke and in school. However, if I started the job and there never was a culture/discourse/awareness of tipping, I wouldn't have cared.

    I enjoyed the interaction with (albeit very few) people who weren't cunts and never thought less of people who didn't tip regularly. Some regular's would on occasion leave a large sum around Christmas time, or bring us baking (ironic since we sell baking).

    Clopek I don't think you're a dick.

    I find it interesting how tipping is acceptable/expected in some industries but not others. If you go shopping and someone gives you exceptional customer service, do you tip them? It is kind of the same logic as why we supposedly tip at restaurants/cafe's.

  6. coffee shop workers... or at least at the cafes i've been to lately. they're so fucking bitter, just because you're working a $9/hr job doesn't mean you have to be a cunt.

    i hate people who are unnecessarily rude.

    having worked at a coffee shop I often wondered the exact opposite. Just because I worked for $9/hr doesn't mean customers have to act like cunts.

    I still know what you mean though, that bullshit attitude, the biggest chip on their shoulder as though the world has done them a huge grievance because they chose to work at a coffee shop.

    working at a coffee shop has made me appreciate the food/service industry a lot more though.

  7. the constant feeling that something is crawling on me when I am laying in the grass or on a blanket in the grass.

    I suspect 50% of the time something such as an ant IS actually crawling on me, but the other 50% is just my imagination.

    and, I think it has been said, but people playing the guitar within earshot (when they play like shit) while I am laying in the grass

  8. -waiting for almost a month to get some packages from my family in Canada.

    -Canada Post's useless tracking information that merely tells me the parcels left Canada a few weeks ago

    -probably Swedish customs as well

  9. I love this line:

    “We had brown laces and black laces,†said Ed Pawlowski, the head patternmaker, shaking his head at the memory. “What more did you need?"

    It must be an interesting experience for the 'old timers' working in these companies (Red Wing, Viberg, Alden etc.) to be making new models or old models with new colors (think blue suede RWs).

  10. Only a certain percentage of an item has to be assembled in a given country for it to be labeled "made in X" and I think that qualification differs based on the given country. If I remember correctly if the final process of sewing a tag on the neck of a shirt was done in, for example Canada, the item can be advertised as 'made in Canada'. I could obviously be wrong or exaggerating but when an item is said to be made in a specific place it hardly indicates that the raw elements are from that same country.


  11. part 1 of my european adventure:

    just booked a flight from sweden to rome

    going to spend four days in rome and then another 4 at the coast

    booked a flight from bologna to barcelona

    going to spend a week in barcelona

    knowing I will get fat off pizza and pasta in two months made my day

  12. "Organivangelists"

    LOLZ. Did you make this up?

    Anybody that preaches their lifestyle sucks.

    "kids on heelys"

    I agree. Stupid kids in malls and busy places knocking into people with there wheeled shoes.

  13. excuse my stupidity but what does the word 'daggy' mean?

    I have used Kleen Kanteens and Nalgene's but I am not sure if these would fall into the 'daggy' category.

    I am not sure of the name, but if you look some pages back there was pictures of some space age cool drink bottles. Again though, they may be 'daggy'?

    Hope that helped.

  14. ^^^^^

    had this occur a few times.

    I feel for you, the wait is fucking awful.

    Happened once while doing long distance, even more shitty.


    That's what I would say

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