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  1. I remember hearing that if a girly is playing in her hair she was interested/feeling the situation, whatever.

    Was hanging with this girl and she was constantly playing in her hair, so I took it for her being into me.

    Turns out she just always plays in her fucking hair.


  2. ya, I usually take the leadership role. I find myself delegating and bearing the responsibility of making sure everything comes together and people are doing their shit. However, in the past few semesters I have tried to let someone else take that upon themselves, its way less stressful. It kind of sucks having that personality though because I can't even say I 'sit back and relax', it takes a lot for me to not jump in and circumvent whatever the leader is trying to do.

  3. riff:

    I think there is some sort of conspiracy or agreement with the Illuminati to fuck with jar designs. The people behind Skippy, Nutella, other forms of peanut butter, those fucks are all in the Illuminati and all work with the soap industry because you inevitably get your mittens in the jar and get stuff on the sides of your hands so you have to wash yourself. Who benefits? THE FUCKING SOAP COMPANY.

    oh, fuck that, on second though, Freecat is part of the fucking Illuminati. IM CALLING YOU OUT BRO. Nutella is working with the milk industry to make people use milk to get out the left over nutella.

    so much hate, illuminati

  4. i guess that equals muslim for some bogans.

    I am not fully aware of Australian vernacular but isn't bogan extremely pejorative?

    is it that much worse to denigrate someone because of their religious affiliation than there socio-economic standing?

  5. somehow I stumbled upon that Consider the Lobster essay. I was bored in class and read it. I was really amazed how Wallace was able to report on a Lobster Party for a food magazine and infuse philosophy in such a creative way.

    obviously nothing wants to be boiled!

  6. re: mang

    Freeway and co. really convey the meaning of 'mang'

    They ain't thank us but we still paid homage mang

    Soul Food Sunday lookin' like Big Momma's mang

    Tell the gang I never break my promise mang...mang


  7. I don't think Herschel is a joke now as to suggest in its brief existence it started out as something any different (than it is now). They sell vintage/heritage/whateveryouwannacallit inspired backpacks at a price that can be expected for a widely available trendy backpack.

  8. on that note..

    not books but I am sure you guys can appreciate. I have great respect for both Foucault and Chomsky and I think it is incredible to watch them debate in their own languages while still fully communicating to one another.



  9. thanks everyone.

    I wish I knew the generally accepted position on the Alzheimer thing because it does kind of freak me out.

    I'm going to get the trim game going on like most suggested and pick up some Mitchum as well. May as well try the cheaper avenues before thinking about armpit injections. And ya, the idea of getting them a couple times a year would suck.

  10. How would you be enjoying life more if you were single.

    The obvious answer that most people throw out is wanting to fuck bitches.

    If that's the case, who can judge you for it but you might throw your dick in some poon and then be like "wtf, this isn't as great as I thought."

    Real talk though, if you are questioning it and have been questioning it long enough to know you aren't just having normal thoughts/feelings then ending it probably is better than letting said resentment build.

    I add my .02 with shufon's to make .04

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