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  1. On 3/5/2022 at 2:18 AM, KEИROИYM said:

    I really hated the rips on the blazer, so today I’ve done a little mod to seal them all.

    Fyi, I used Angelus Walk On Black and Gorilla Super Glue






    I don't love the rips either, I think this looks good.  I just saw on IG someone did a contrast stitch to close them up which I really like.

  2. 16 hours ago, LowLevelViolence said:

    I took this to heart and actually glued down the lasercut bits on my black blazers. Felt kinda stupid at first, but the fact that it arrived scuffed did make me feel at ease with modding it and I like the way it looks a lot better now...Errolson playing 4D chess with this design...

    Totally wish I had the black heel clips though, if anyone with the other colourway wants to swap black heel clips for the volt ones that come with the black blazers shoot me a DM...

    I was thinking of doing the same and coloring in the white fabric under.  I did find someone to trade heel clips with me, the black/black looks great and I think the yellow goes really well with the maroon.

  3. 1 hour ago, Flipflop214 said:

    I agree with everything except this.  The heel clip/ornament designs, although very creative, are very cringe.  Too much is going on.  Less is more IMO. 

    No way, some of the heel clips are very rad and I agree that we will be seeing more of this kind of thing going forward.  The grey reverse swoosh/double lace clip is so sick and is what made me decide to buy the shoes. 

  4. I am surprised not more blazer discussion on here.  I was not that excited about it initially, but as soon as I saw the 3d prints I pulled the trigger.  They are awesome, I am hoping someone will reach out or refer a source to get the replacement heel caps printed.  I found a place locally that quoted over $400 usd for SLS, which I cannot justify.

  5. Does anybody know if Solebox is printing in SLS per the recommendation?  I got a quote locally from someone who wanted $423 for a pair of heel attachments in SLS....

  6. 6 hours ago, moneytalks said:

    i'm in the camp that your clothes should fit you right, but if making alterations always go with professionals


    This is less of a fit issue and more of a design preference.  It fits fine, I just think I'll get more mileage out of a standard length shirt.  I've got a great tailor in town that has done some other mods to my ACR stuff. 

  7. Late to the party, just picked up a S23-AK, thanks again for the heads up on Notre.  For SS I wish it was a little lighter weight, but pretty optimistic about it regardless.  I am thinking I may try and take the hem up a bit so it's less tunic more shirt, anyone else been down this road?

  8. I remember someone mentioning Notre slow shipping times, I can't imagine they are processing that many orders that they can't manage a better turnaround time.  Is Notre a 1 person show or something?  

  9. 3 hours ago, analog29 said:

    I own the KR-SM1 and the Nylon pouch part has never gotten in the way. I just make sure to wear the nylon against the body so that it's not visible. Mine is quite old so some of the text has worn off. That's the only part that really annoys me. Otherwise, it's been a staple in my collection.

    I echo this sentiment.  I also have 1 for sale, hmu.

  10. I wonder how many other brand forums, etc.. this person is on complaining about price and essentially declaring how much better they could do it themselves...  

  11. 9 hours ago, moneytalks said:

    You should really start an airism thread and shit on ACR there instead

    100% this.  This thread should be for fans of the brand.  I understand that some constructive criticism or discussion about QC issues will be inevitable, but if someone literally hates everything about the brand and knows they could do everything better, I agree that they should go start their own thread and/or clothing brand.  

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