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  1. Visvim Spring 2018

    Shame ... still a great brand but too expensive. This season just picked up a lhamo shirt, skagways and a black elk shirt.
  2. Visvim Spring 2018

    Shame ... still a great brand but too expensive.
  3. Visvim fw2017

    This group is dead , Visvim is dead ?
  4. Visvim fw2017

    Any SS18 group/pics ?
  5. Visvim fw2017

    DSM London dropped Visvim.
  6. Visvim fw2017

    Thanks , hope for a navy colour way
  7. Visvim fw2017

    Any thorston spot release this winter ?
  8. Visvim fw2017

    Is it the latest fashion ? Kelsi has the same pose ? https://hypebeast.com/2017/7/wmv-visvim-santa-fe-store-grand-opening Gonna spend time on mine this weekend , ATM look too gay ... no disrespect to gay Visvim members here.
  9. Visvim fw2017

    Anyone seen the ss18 collection ?
  10. Visvim fw2017

    Agree , I'm buying less and less of it , then again I'm not buying anything else either.
  11. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Thanks Fycus
  12. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB Size 4 navy dugout
  13. Visvim SS17

  14. Visvim SS17

    Off topic ... any reviews of Paris FW17 show ?
  15. Visvim FW16

    Was he Thorson jkt released again this season ? Been searching for a blue size 4. Any critique of this piece appreciated. Hopefully it will be here next winter.