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  1. Found out my english professor is into denim and has some pretty nice skulls; pointed out my sammy's too. :thumbsup: for cool professors
  2. Been wearing s710 Blue Shadows for 2 weeks now, in love with the material and blue arc's Will try to post pics soon.
  3. They're tearing in many places and I'm actually content with how they look right now. I guess I shouldn't say retire but wear them less than often. I'll get fit pic's up soon!
  4. Delay update and taken with a digital camera. PBJ XX-005 1 year and 3 months-ish of wear time. Retiring these and I need suggestions for my next pair!
  5. Does anyone have pics of the 710 Blue Shadow? Most likely my next cop after retiring my X-005's
  6. Haven't checked in here a while.. Will upload pictures of my 005's before I put them on a hiatus soon!
  7. Not exactly the best picture of her but she hiding something in her back pockets.
  8. Just received my new laptop in the mail, so hyped to put it to use
  9. A shower after a good workout and you can't go wrong with biking either
  10. The one wash has already been washed for you so you don't have to shrink it yourself when you soak/wash it. As opposed to the raw which is pure and you would need to shrink it yourself.
  11. Couldn't find anywhere else to put it so I decided to put this here. Denim Glove that I found which I had to share. It's not my photo found online on a Tumblr. Source
  12. Well my 005's have been worn and stretched so it's not exactly a fair comparison. Judging from the information you provided, the thigh room should stretch in a fair amount of time (if your thighs are that thick no homo) to give it a straight/slim silhouetteEDIT: I wish the sad face next to this thread went away already