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  1. I'm looking At the measurements and I'm going to have to agree. XS shoulder width with normal S chest on outerwear, taken into account they're supposed to fit slim. So I'll either have to size for shoulders or chest.

    So strange :/

  2. I keep mentioning it, but baxter clay pomade is awesome. Around 20 up here in canada. Small jar but lasts months. My hair is sort of like that; it's longer and more tousled on the top, and short on the sides. I used a bunch of different ones before, but baxter is the only one that keeps it where I want it without having flyaways and the style falling apart by the end of day while staying completely matte.

    blowdry + round brush > baxter > touch of hairspray.

    It smells earthy and spicy, with a bit of sweetness and anise.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342