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  1. I have a set of journal crates, size 29. Chain stitched raw denim, only 450 pairs were made and year the cotton was milled from is stamped on the back of the buttons (1972 in this case). They fit way too small for me, fitting more like a 27 than a 29. Theyve been worn about ~10 times like 2+ years ago and have slight signs of age in the rear pocket due to a large wallet I use to wear. The measurements are in the pictures however if there is something im missing or youre curious about please dont hesitate to ask. A link to the gallery can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yvdeytch3irs20f/AAD0ZQaSp44Eq87fPjWFc2O7a?dl=0 $70 shipped within the US.
  2. Nudie Jeans

    over 2 years old, unsure about wear time as they started to fall apart awhile ago and i hardly wear them anymore. rooms super messy. dont judge me.
  3. Hollows Handmade Leather

    just keeping you posted on the wallet i bought last year.
  4. APC

    Thanks. hukhikyu
  5. APC

    dont mind the mess, i just moved to california so im in the process of straightening up everything.
  6. Nudie Jeans

    yes, i do a lot of art/graffiti and it helps from breathing in the shit in the air.
  7. Nudie Jeans

    havent had an update in a while so here you beeee, the wallet pocket is gettin wrecked. anddd in case youre late to the party, disregard the posters. it was a joke. closeup
  8. Naked & Famous Denim

    neither actually, i decided to see how the fit would be if i sized up on the skinnyguy and i actually ended up liking it a lot.
  9. Naked & Famous Denim

    Thanks, Hollows made it, hes on sufu. pm me if you need more info/pics on it. ahha and yahhhhh, my gf's good friend gave it me, dont askkk
  10. Nudie Jeans

    thanks for the all the kind words. :] sure i just use a 350d oh and greg theyve been through 1 wash. multiple soaks one of which i went to the beach in