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  1. Photography Post Vol. 2

    redone my web: christianbelgaux.com
  2. Emma Watson Appreciation

  3. Emma Watson Appreciation

  4. Photographs From Your Travels

    5 weeks, 3 of them in Dhaka.
  5. SuperArt

    edvard munch
  6. Andersen & Lauth shirt, worn twice, no size but prob a Medium to small Large. Semi see-through and arms have a weird cut (see pic). Bought it for around 100$ I think, so 50$+s/h or bid. Thousand Reasons Zip Hoodie. Says size one, but its more like an XXL. Was about 250$ new, but selling it for 65$+s/h because it has a brown cigarette stain (barely visible, sleeve, see pic) + a bit of a overall worn look. Only used a few times though, lots of milage left. PM or ask me here. PM bids.
  7. Emma Watson Appreciation

  8. Denimsale - Raf, Dior, Vtg Levis, Dsquare,

    wish I had money
  9. Style Inspiration

    because it has been finished forever, but the weinstein assholes wont release it until they have cut it into pieces of commercial crap. I saw a review of a test screening of it like 6 months ago and they said it was epic. Nick Cave have done the score, Viggo Mortensen plays the father. Will be good, but never as good as the book.
  10. Style Inspiration

    thats a still from the road huh?
  11. films you're looking forward to seeing

    a couple more I forgot.. the new gaspar noe film tetro
  12. what are you reading today?

    finally got around to read: