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  1. So I have the roughout M-43 by Lofgren but I‘m also looking for a brown boot that can be worn under all and any conditions (urban wise, not as a real work boot). I‘m debating between the Lofgren M-43 in horsehide and the Combat boots in Timber. Any pros/cons?
  2. indigorokk


    @Qube those look fantastic, especially the right pair. Any info on washes and wears?
  3. indigorokk


    @beautiful_FrEaK that‘s sadly been something that‘s been part of my pants buying experience since my soccer days. So brands like Resolute, for example, will never become part of my wardrobe. And being 187cm tall and 90kg heavy is not ideal for MiJ brands but you gotta be happy with what you got. Nowadays I can‘t stand the feeling of tight jeans anymore so I‘m rather cautios when it comes to thighs. Another question would be if the thighs on the onewash model will shrink much and if so, stretch back again to the onewash measurements. I‘ll have the chance to try on the 50s in person soon but would like to avoid another mistake. My brother wouldn‘t mind as he then always receives my jeans
  4. indigorokk


    How much thigh stretch can one expect with the onewash 50s?
  5. indigorokk

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Visited VMC in Zurich to try on the Lofgren M-43 and Combat boots. Fell in love with both but took home the M-43 as I‘ll be waiting for the Combats in Timber. Rest is: Full Count, Warehouse, East Harbour Surplus
  6. @Broark Thanks, have been eying the 1001 1947 actually but still a bit unsure if I should go with a 36 or 38. Perfect waist would be 45cm and thighs approx. 35-36cm. How much stretch can one expect with the one wash models in the thighs? Also, what‘s the difference between the Duck Digger and the „standard“ version besides aesthetics?
  7. Anyone know what jeans have a big thigh (similar like the Freewheelers Lot601XX 1951) without the „diaper butt“ look? I‘m enjoying my Freewheelers (in size 36) but can‘t really wear my shirts tucked in as the saggy ass is not a great look on me imo.
  8. indigorokk

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Thanks guys. Happy to hear this will not impact durability. Don‘t mind the visual aspect so much. Good way to keep my OCPD in check By the way, I‘m absolutely in love with the denim and its character. Such a joy to wear.
  9. indigorokk

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Hey everyone. I‘ve recently bought the Lot 601xx 1951 (one wash) and have discovered that the stitching of the outseam is quite visible when sitting and pulling up my leg. It‘s not a slim fit so there isn‘t much pulling going on. Is this something to be concerned about or will this eventually disappear. I don‘t want to invest a lot of time in a pair that will have this visual defect later. Thanks!
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