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  1. eurotrash? he's wearing a button down shirt, a cardigan, and raw jeans. i must be missing something here. if the dude cut his hair i think he'd look fine. it's not a complicated outfit but there's nothing really wrong with it.

  2. 3586128191_73e0bf05aa.jpg

    can be argued that this ain't worst material, but shit bugs me and shit talking thread still dead.

    japanmania! whoooopie! looking like the dregs of jap society.

    hair is a bit goofy. big fuckin deal. fit looks good imo.

  3. it is. i don't shop there personally, it was a gift. it's also a size small which fits hella big in the chest. but it's a decent shirt. if you'd like to neg over a small barely noticeable embroidery on an otherwise plain polo, knock yourself out.

  4. might have to now, sheit. idk she's an awesome girl and seems to reciprocate feelings, might try something somewhat romantic on our upcoming date and try and make a move, who knows.

    penis in the popcorn

    p.s. you're welcome

  5. to each their own. raw jeans reflect your life and in my life i never put things in my front pockets and by cutting them shorter it freed up some room for my relatively large thighs

    this is some of the dumbest shit i've ever heard.

  6. seriously. this thread is practically unreadable, it's page after page of retards incapable of buying clothes that fit. measurements are available all over the web for every APC cut. take your fucking measurements, or find a pair of jeans that fit the way you like and measure them. go from there. christ, you idiots can't buy a pair of jeans without consulting the internet? how the hell do you function in the world?

  7. Anyone with a pair of New Cures want to measure the belt loop for me? Wondering if they would fit a 1 3/4" belt.

    probably, the belt loops on my NC are 2" top to bottom

  8. if these are actually going to be offered in 27 true waist, i'm interested. i like the style of imperials, especially the 04 SE collab, but the waists on all their cuts are too big for me.

    was gonna cop a pair of FH1001s or skull 5010xx before the summer is up, but i'd probably get these instead.

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