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  1. ^^^where is that picture from...have seen a couple high res versions, and I probably have saved somewhere on my pc but I can't find

    i wish i could pull off haircuts like this


    I kind of have this right now (hair not as luscious, less thick)

  2. ^I was just curious if there's a function to the couples outfits or if it's just a "cute" thing. Maybe they do that kinda shit in the midwest, but I've never seen it before and it was obviously very intentional and I found it intriguing.

    you found this intriguing? you must be an extremely boring person.

    The title of this thread is 'the "ask an asian" thread'. Stupid questions are meant to ensue.

    it's just like going in the ask a black dude thread and being pissed off cause someone ask "lol why so many black guys in popeyes"

    just sayin


    been asked before, but never received answer that fully satisfied. majority of Asian people around nor cal (where I am) are liberal, but I always hear that tons of Asian Americans are conservative because they all think they will be rich/send their kids to law school or med school and don't want to pay higher taxes (don't want them to pay higher taxes)/hate welfare (blame Black people on welfare for higher fed taxes)

    is this true for your area? estimated ratio of liberal AA's to conservative AA's?

    let me know if this is true for your area

  3. colors are great and so are top half proportions, but the cut of the jeans is kinda dad-like imo. I'd be curious to see that fit with some light/faded indigo denim

    I was thinking this as well

    his jeans are fucking that up, mellow is consistently best, but that doesn't belong here

    I felt like without the cuffs this would be much better (hemmed, not alt cuff).

    not his best but still sufu best imo

  4. I can say I've done most of those things aside from DVC and MASA. Yes, there are opportunities out there and it IS what you make of it, but in comparison to other campuses I still consider this campus to be dead. I think it stems from the nature of the students. I've heard the UC system "categorizes" people based off their personal statements, dunno if it's true or not.

    On a side note, the campus is empty on weekends and even more so during the nights. When I lived on campus, I could walk around at night and not see a soul. I liked that.

    this is kind of fine for me, not heavy into partying scene. if the people are boring though or confined to entertainment @ parties then I will be disapoint

    does anyone know where I can find good/higher quality clear glasses (transparent frame)? does that shit even exist?


    what's the hate on UCSD?

    jesus 7 schools? where'd you guys apply to and what's your majors? i applied to ucberkeley, ucla, ucsc, and ucsd. didn't bother applying to csu's mainly because i didn't want to take speech.

    every UC except riverside and merced. saftey first (since I don't want to go to city college then transfer). I am comp engineering/sciences and/or infotech/communications

    plan minor in polysci

    UCSD AIN'T SO BAD. kinda wish i went to irvine though

    everyone wishes they went to UCLA instead

    my older sister goes to Irvine. Nice city, but water is absolute shit, almost a deal breaker for me (almost as bad as Nevada or Mexico). Plus the school is like 60% KAGs...(which might not be a negative for most you guys)

    wait are you guys all transfers? I'm a senior in hs (yes i am nub)

  6. yeah I fucking hear you.

    I paid 300 to apply to 5 different UC's just for good measure. Hell no I'm not wasting another year on doing fuck-all in a community college.

    on a completely different note...Nothing humbles me more than undeserved second chances. It's like a friendly smack in the face.

    yo my shit was 420$...



  7. psycho girl at werq came in to rant to me for like 20 minutes until her ride was here

    suspect that this isn't the last time this shit is going to happen (this is going to happen everyday for a while)

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