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  1. ^Seul

    Your jeans are wonderfully faded showing the power of natuural denim evolution at its best.

    Do you mind for an additional back side update?? :D  :D  :D  :D


    I'll try and take some pics later today, Rüdi. 

  2. C'mon mate, you know it's a good idea to post here... Plus it has nice pics and it's IH related... The world needs to be more tolerant!.. ;)


    Got the IHSH-68 (again) today... Lost 11kgs in about 14 months and figured it'd be more flattering this time round... 









    I know most of you read the IH forum, but for those who don't... I had a lovely morning spent beer shopping with Paula and Giles... In the end I settled for the small backseat, protecting the beers :) There were some vintage sewing machines in G's trunk as well, and both him and Paula were discussing some really interesting services that will be available soon... So be sure to keep an eye out for updates, mates!.. 



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